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    Who is Shion?

    :angry: I haven't been checking with the site in a long time. I've seen the name Shion show up in some forums, and from what I've read im assuming that would be the name of the fourteenth member? thanks :thumbup:
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    Omfg BBs!

    i noticed.. nothing. unless you're full of shit, tell us what time to look!
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    how many times does axel ACTUALLY say "got it memorized"?

    ohh lmao i forgot i knew he said it a bunch of times though ^.^
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    a clip or sora and terra in Kh2 FM

    so, maybe you've already seen this, but yeah. i guess we know that aqua is dead, cause of the armor thing and what now, but anyways, i hadn't really looked much into BBS cause i dont have a psp, but yee heres something if you haven;t seen it :3 YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 3: First Cutscene: Terra's...
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    lmao he's gay!! (and no im not saying there's anything wrong with being gay lmao)
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    Jesse McCartney & Kingdom Hearts 2 / Roxas

    j-mac!! as gay people in j-14 and shit say lmfao
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion lmao it seems no one is really interested in coded , probably cause its for mobile phone.. i hate playing games on my phone =_= anyways.. the game looks sweet :D roxas is a badass character, but only when he's in organization 13, cause when hes a kid in...
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    vens clothes

    yee cause if they were the same people then.. well no one can say cause the games not coming out for a LONG time (well not THAt long.. but long)
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    how many times does axel ACTUALLY say "got it memorized"?

    lmfao seriously. like he only actually says it like twice, doesn't he? like once in re:chain of memories, and he says in in KH2, right? :thumbup:
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    I would like to know about Axel from someone who's played this

    axel is gay for roxas i mean like "he made me feel like i had a heart" c'mon lmao thought i'd just put that out there though im sure everyone already know xD