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    NHK betrays Sora?

    Re: bhk betrays sora? its not gonna happen man
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    destiny island parents

    i always wondered bout the parnts
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    KH2 to be 2 disks

    its good if its 2 disks cause thats means its gonna be longer
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    Kh2 release date poll

    it will come out this year
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    Sora -vs- Riku

    riku woul win rikus go skill and brains.
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    Gummi ships

    Re: gummi ships i cant remembeer how to make a new gummi ship havnt played KH in months
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    Will Riku go back to the shadows!?

    Re: will riku go back to the shadows????????!!!!!!!!!! I do not think that Riku will be evil again
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    hey does anybody know........

    1. you can customize keyblades 2.no onw knows when 3.yea auron fights with you
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    If you were trapped on Destiny Islands what would you do?

    id hang wid wakka riku sora and tidus
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    Who beat game 100%

    i did everything all i got to do id beat damn sephiroth
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    What could go wrong with KH2

    There is no way KH2 is going to be shorter than KH1. It's gonna be in 2 discs, thats gotta mean sumthin!!!! sora barbie KH2 wont have to disks and i hope its gonna be longer then KH
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    "The source of all heartless" resides in that world

    Re: "the source of all heartless" resides in that world (maybe) yea i remember that movie they were running away from them
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    Kiari Dark??????

    i dont think kairi is dark shes to nice to be dark
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    What do you think would happen if Sora died?

    snap the game and never play Kh2 ever again
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    Kaiado Bhks Name In Japanese

    im just sticking with kaiado
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    Pirates of the Carribean world?

    Re: Pirates of the carribean world????? yea it would be awsome to have a pirates of the carabien world
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Trinity

    whoa nicee story write more in the futre
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    Kaiado Bhks Name In Japanese

    we had japanese echange students come to our school and since they where from japan i asked if any of them had KH2 one said yes and i asked whats the kid with the blonde hairs name and he said KAIADO. can someone plz find our what it means in japanese
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    Fanfiction ► KH´S gayest scene

    Re: KH´S gayest scene wats so special bout a scene in da game