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    Wave of darkness

    increadeble that was the best theory ive heard in a while, i think u might be onto sumthing, and that when they're under the water soras trying to get to riku but the water pushes him away,
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    Riku's voice actor

    i only hope so but i didnt know that that was the girl that played kairi, she also played in the crppay intern show ally mcbeel, she played her daughter, but i hope the pick sum good voice actors for kairi and BHK
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    I know every thing bout kh

    i can help u out with any problems about kh cuz ive beaten it so many times the info has been beaten into my head so plz ask away i dont mind answering any questions about kh (within reason ive gotten sum dumb people ask me sum weird questions like soras shoe size) only game related topics here plz
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    HELP ME: how do you beat the ghost at the Clocktower??? please answer

    well when the battle starts off go to the opposite side of the clock tower and lock on to the clock tower and cast stop on it then, u can lock on to the phantom aswell and then shift with R2 L2 button to shift to the clock tower thats how u do it, i like to keep the stop spell goin every like 4...
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    white creatures in com

    who thought it was a dusk cuz i just thought it was a big machine type thing ill fight him again and see wat it actually looks like
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    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

    Re: kingdomhearts final mix final mix would have been fun but they trasfered the extra battle to kh2
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    Ultima Weapon

    Re: Hottest Eva! ive gotten it all the time every file i get
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    Midnighter Read : Battle Music

    i have a link that goes to about 50 games that have mp3s i can give u the site jus ask
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    Help With Riku(Ansem)

    this one is a fun ight , one of my favorites. just stay close to him he usually makes a huge dash for u if ur far away it means that he has a higher chance of missing
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    Help with Ultima Keyblade

    synthesis every item in the shop at least once then it will abppear as # 25 u need 5 thunder gems 5 power gems 5 lucid gems 3 mystery goos and 3 gales
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    Help on Kurt Zisa

    well for me i just cast aero when i get into battle make sure that i have elixers and try not to get hit when he loses the balls in his hands (hehe) and summon bambi
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    Need help finding synthesis materials

    Re: Omg Plz Help ok for mythril the best bet is behemoth, but for the bright crystals u want to kill the defenders a bunch show up in the 3rd district in taverse town, wizards give u shiny remeber the diff and mystery goos r from the mushrooms
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    What's the Gummi Ship?

    wat id like to know is if the gummi ship is made of gummi blocks like the gummi bears lol, on a serious note wat r the gummi blocks made up of
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    You Know You've Played Too Much KH When...

    u keep a gun under your pillow in case ansem come s to get u lol
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    how long did it take you to beat ansom

    it took me 14 hours of gameplay to beat r/r which is about 2-3 days of play and about 5-10 min for ansem
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    Man, this sucks...

    well we can explain about wat happens after riku yes but wat about beating the game to play the riku mode and find out wat happens to riku
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    Most Hardest Boss to beat

    well i think that the second lexuaos or wat ever his name is the ice dude i dont remeber his name i stopped playin after a while, he was the hardest for me it took me to long longer then all the other bosses i nvr died against them though
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    Kingdom Hearts : Dual Wielder

    it didnt take a year and the gap between kh and kh2 since u look at the picture differences, age i mean sora looks no longer 14 but 18 so the time it took for him to regain all his memories so there and besides they still leave a gap so just make it for after riku and the king leave since it...
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    Tip: how to get better cards!

    u should all pay attention who your talkin to (even though it doesnt show iif your a boy/girl well maybe sum people didnt know at least she posted it because there might be people that didnt know and want to try it out i mean i just found this out and im grateful, i now have 5 #9 ultima...
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    I need help with the 100 Acre Wood!

    well there is the fact that u dont just get pooh to jump on four in a row, but it has to be the same order tiger is doin it, so if hes goin clockwise then you have to go clockwise i cant remeber which way hes goin so thats all i can say