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    My new thoughts on the Knights

    Okay, you know how Xemnas at the end had that armour on? Well I think that it's because he was using Kingdom Hearts. Yeah, that's obvious, but the knights in the spoiler scene super secret movie thing were wearing similar armour. What if they are unknowns that have found, kept, and maintained...
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    Zexion and Riku

    <small> Err, am I completely insane to think that Zexion could and might possibly be Riku's nobody? Didn't he turn into a heartless? He HAD to have on that adventure. I mean, he went to the Darkness. Just, yeah. Maybe Axel. Whatever to their Original names.
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    Keyblade War

    I noticed in SDKJFDSL I forget the name of the world. My mind just went blank. The Pirates of the Caribbean World. Anyway. you all know which one i'm talking about. Point: At the end they seemed to stress that "Maybe one day Jack will be able to wield the keyblade, too". So I just wanted to...
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    Why do you need an item to lock the keyholes this time?

    Maybe Sora's sealing it from the Nobody's. and maybe the reason that there`s an item is to give the keyhole a substance. a body. a being. a physical form of some sort.
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    KH2 Cutscenes archive

    Re: *MAJOR UPDATE(Jan. 10, 2006)* KHII Cutscenes - Deathspank's Collection Can anyone point me to when you meet YuRiPa? Is it up there somewhere in the Hollow Bastion bunch?
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    Valor and Wisdom Form Pictures from Halloween town and Space Parnoid

    You can`t. It`s said because there`s no outfits to change.
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    Xehanort`s memory, I`ve figured it out! *Spoils*

    Xehanort (Kingdom Heart`s Ansem) lost his memory, thought he was Ansem and was consumed by the powers of darkness. It`s never explained how he lost his memory or where he came from but it`s all there. Heart, Body, Mind (Memory). Now if Xehanort lost his memory then that could`ve created...
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    I heard they are. I heard after you complete all their games they become summons. Something about shooting magic out of Yuna`s fingers like guns, using curved sticks by Rikku, and a big stick by Paine.
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    Why do you need an item to lock the keyholes this time?

    I.e. the Hollow Bastion Keypass, The rose, and the blue orb from Twilight Town.
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    Can anyone get a collage of the keyblades in KH?

    Well I mean if someone can get a collage of the keyblades in a game that didn`t come out yet in America then I think someone else can get the pictures of the keyblades of the game that already came out.
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    Can anyone get a collage of the keyblades in KH?

    I want to see them all together and I simply cannot find them anywhere. I`ve seen the keyblades of KH2 and they all kind of look funny in comparison. So I wanted to know if the keyblades of KH also looked funny when compared all together.
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    Theory on why DiZ helped Roxas.

    He feels bad. His ultimate goal was to create a heart. His disciples all lost theirs along the way. They formed Nobodies. They were all created because of someone losing their heart. I don`t know, i`m just thinking. Because he saved Roxas and brought him to Twilight Town. How would you like...
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    Help with the Ultima Weapon, please?

    I need Gale, Mystery Goo's, and something else that I cannot remember. Can anyone help me? I read that to get Gale's I need to attack Invisible's and that Angel thing, but I cannot find them anywhere and I looked all over the End of the World and that's where I heard they are. Anyone know what...
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    Sora & Riku Fanart

    Blah, I`m bored.
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    Many Cutscenes thanks to BakaNeko

    Does anyone know what keyblade that is? It looks like the Nobodie`s symbol.
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    Sword, Shield, Wand -- Affects all.

    I don`t know about everyone else here.. but this whole "Choosing your weapon" at the beginning of the game used to bother me enough before I`ve heard rumors about it affecting the Drive forms and the 101 Dalmation summons. Is there anything anyone can tell me out there that could possibly...