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    Roxas Is Confirmed To Be Bhk's Name

    For everyone who does not believe that Roxas is his name well.........we got proof that it is! On the site wikipedia.org it has EVERYTHING pertaining to the start of KH2 development to now and it has the list of characters, voice actors(japan, and english), etc! Everything that you wanted to...
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    The significance of the "x"

    Okay i know this has been posted b4 but i added a few more details in it, when Nomura said that all the names of the 13 order have a certain significance i think he's right! In japan it is seen that the BHK name is "supposedly" Roxas! To me it makes sense because the "x" meaning unknown and the...
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    Kairi a.k.a. Sitting Unknown

    yeah i agree, okay when is the last time you saw Mickey putting his hands up in a fight? Not until KH2! I mean you see more of Mickey fighting the orgs, heartless, etc in this game then in the last one! So what makes you think that Kairi is any different? Cause she's a girl? I mean girls do grow...
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    Kairi a.k.a. Sitting Unknown

    sorry man that was a mistake! My computer froze up and wasnt sure if the thread got in or not! MY FAULT, DAMN!!!!!!!! LIKE YA"ll NEVER DONE THAT B4?
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    Kairi a.k.a. Sitting Unknown

    Man i said a.k.a Siru i dont know if that's his name or not so stop sweating me! As for now that is what everyone is going for until Dec 22 hits! Anyway, i would not be suprised if Kairi knew how to fight! She acts all helpless and the next thing you know she whoops one of the Orgs butts, you...
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    Kairi a.k.a. Sitting Unknown

    Now about the
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    Kairi a.k.a. Sitting Unknown

    Now this is only a thought about Kairi! It is said that she will be involved in the affairs a different way! Now it is possible (POSSIBLE, for those who do not/can not comprehend) that she is the sitting unknown, since BHK a.k.a Siru, Mickey, Riku, have infiltrated the Order! So she might do the...
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    hollow bastion's second world

    i dunno if anyone noticed this about hollow bastion in KH2, if you look closely underneath hollow bastion there is a second place like another castle beneath hollow bastion. And no i am not talking about the new place cid and leon are building. It sorta looks like Castle Oblivion no jk! But it...
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    DD unknowns

    I just wanted to point this out, in deep dive in the last scene it says " we'll go together", i think the 4 unknowns are: Sora:GEU, Riku:BFU, BHK:DWU, Kairi/Namine(highly doubt Namine):SU. I mean throughout the trailer it shows clips of Riku reaching his hand out to to Sora, Sora screaming to...
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    Background info on Demyx?

    where is your proof KL? chances are that's bs and knowing you, you would be the one putting something like that down on the forums! Demyx was never in COM and no one ever even mentioned him! All the unknowns in KH2 aren't even mentioned in COM except axel! So what in the world are you talking about?
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    2 disk layer for KH2

    just a thought but did anyone think that the reason why KH2 is so long is because you'll be playing both sides to the story! BHK story and Sora's story from different perspectives! I mean hint clue, another side, another story! I think that eventually they do cross paths but certain things that...
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    High Tech world, connections to FF games?

    If you watch the trailers for deep dive, and the e3 trailers, there could be hints to a high tech world for kingdom hearts 2! Example, in deep dive there is a lot of static and the video jumps from scene to scene explaining the creation of heartless, and the unknowns? Then when Diz and the...
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    Blindfolded, GEU, SU Unknown

    Okay, this is my theory on the unknowns since everyone has there own theory, remember when the BFU held his arms up on the tv tower as if he was summoning something? The unknown in the center at hollow bastion did the exact same thing when all 4 unknown surrounded him! But, tetsuya normura...
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    Kh Series!

    well that was never posted on the site but there were stories of an animated series going to be created and a movie! YES A MOVIE ON KINGDOM HEARTS!!!!!! This was stated by Square Enix itself because of the success and was posted on ffinsider.net!! That was like about 2-3yrs ago, just to sum that...
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    BHK playable in KH2

    Okay, just to give ya'll a thought, do u think that when Nomura stated the BHK is playable, that means that after u defeat Sora's story then u unlock the BHK version of the game? I mean come on u dont think that when u play u get to choose who's side u want to play? Or is it? Anyway, he said...
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    I was reading the Square Enix party review and it had some pretty information on the certain topics that everyone is seeming to argue about! But i had a theory on Namine, when the BHK told Axel that you cant see Sora, that is very similar to what the replicate Riku said to Sora when he was...
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    FF Character Worlds

    This may seem weird, but just a thought! Nomura said that a surprising new world would appear in KH2, and FF7: advent children is getting pretty popular so that maybe a thought! What if there's a world that all the final fantasy characters are from and that sora, riku, and the BHK are from there...
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    The road to twilight, Riku

    The road to twilight, Riku, BHK 4 worlds This is just a thought about the road to twilight 4 worlds, BHk, etc, when Diz asked RIku which road he was going to take Light or Darkness, Riku said neither but he will take the middle road! Now just my point of view, the BHK lives in Twilight town and...
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    Similarity to Riku and Axel

    Just a thought about a similarity to Riku and Axel! If you watch DEEP DIVE, the BFU jumps off the building to catch the oblivion and he pulls out a second weapon, but get this: its not a keyblade but Axel's primary weapon! And in one of the trailers those same weapons are shown again on a brown...
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    LOL. HAHAHA! Me 2! I think that when Nomura said that he was playable do you think in the game on certain parts or is there like a second mode in which you play as him and it tells his side of the story! I hope this game is like COM, do you think that is why its twice as long? With square-enix...