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    Thing I noticed

    YouTube - KH2FM Cavern of Rememberance -Garden of Assemblance- There is a video of it if anyone is interested. If you ask me I can't see anything anywhere.
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    secret movie missing keyblade

    No it does not make sence.
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    Difference between Japanese and American KH2?

    Well I saw some pics I never saw before in kh2. Like when Mickey saves Sora and pals, Sora is wearing his new clothes whne he is not supposed to. Or the other pic where Goofy and donald are talking in the room where they slept. There is this one in Hollow Bastion where there are Neo Heartless...
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    Was kh com worth it

    Hell yeah is was woth it!! It wasn't perfect but for me it was good. Every freaking penny was worth it.
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    something about roxas (may contain spoiler)

    Lol this is kinda funny I didn't know this too. Maybe I'm too busy in real life that I forget to check on the news every once in a while. Good thing now I know.
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    about Vivi

    Very interesting now I know who Vivi is. I read the box I think I spolied this part myself lol. Hey Roxas99 your name looks familiar.....
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 V.S Halo 2

    Kingdom Hearts 2 of course. Its gonna be a way better game.
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    About Larxene's real name

    Pretty interesting, I need to find more inof about the Org. thanks for the info Xigbar.
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    KH2 vs Zelda

    I'm just a very deep fan of KH and even though Zelda has done many thing I have faith in kh2.
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    I just realized about roxas

    Could you huys please give me the link for the original thread?
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    KH2 official site

    OMG that is a obvious spam......and so stupid Anyways the japanese one should have alot of inof since the game already came out in Japan.
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    Hello, I'm back

    I'm not new but I been gone for a long time. Going to other forums, in all this time I have learned alot fo things I even learned how to do sigsI had alot of chances in other forums of being an admin,mod but the one I'm most specaillized about is RPG Admin. I realized how of a jerk I was here I...
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    something big

    Fianlly but isn't kh2.co.uk suspend or something and can't get in?
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    Who do you think Sora will fuse with?

    Cid=muscular form.
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    In which game?
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    I don't get it.
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    Well I beated him like 10 times very easy.
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    are the dalmations back?

    Maybe in KH2 we won't collect anything
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    X-PLAY might give the news becuase the funny guy loves Kingdom Hearts.
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    I think is possible G4 can give news.