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    psp jap imports?

    Me recently imported Bleach:Heat the soul 4 (Me being a Huge Bleach fan) Very cool fighter!:thumbsup: Does anyone know of any other psp japanese games worth importing?
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    Final Fantasy XII. Help needed!

    I am at the Phon Coast at the moment, but the monsters around that area keep kicking my ass and am constantly being defeated. I brought some cool armor but need to get some LP points before I can use it, Me want to warp to somewhere where the monsters are easy such as 'Dalmasca Eastersand' to...
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    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Petition

    I've signed it and sent the link to a couple of my friends..Me sooo want this game!
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    The release date won't stop changing...I pre-ordered it 4 months ago and since that time i have seen the date change constantly, Is Square enjoying torturing their european fans!
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    KH2 europpean release date !!

    At last information about a european release, I hope Square are gonna try there best in the future to convert games to Pal...not fair that we have to wait so long for games!
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    for the Swap Magic users ... installing

    I wanna import KH2 and was wondering how software like magic keys or switch tool work. I have a new silver slimline Pal Ps2 and i would like to be able to play ntsc games on it.
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    It's been a long 4 years

    If we win i will be happy! But in a few months time i'll be depressed because of the Final Fantasy XII European release date..Will you help me fight a second battle?
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    It's been a long 4 years

    It's no use, Disney rule the world they are all powerfull!!! We should give up before we are instantly annialated.
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    It's been a long 4 years

    Small people/midgits will not win a war! We need to really think about this guys, what is Disney's weak spot.
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    It's been a long 4 years

    We have troops?
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    It's been a long 4 years

    My Idea, So that would make me leader. You can be second in command my Neo friend!
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    It's been a long 4 years

    Lets do, We could be the playstation army fighting for justice agains't release date crime.
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    It's been a long 4 years

    Go on then, work your magic and i will never be sad again, Yay!!
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    It's been a long 4 years

    YEAH ! The pro-longed release is criminal.
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    It's been a long 4 years

    Thanks guys, *sob*
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    It's been a long 4 years

    I wish i could stop my pain, i need a friendly shoulder to cry on Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!
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    It's been a long 4 years

    ya know guys, this is all kinda crazy! After all it's just a game, a piece of hardware, it's not important..there's more important things in life, right..right?
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    It's been a long 4 years

    I Want Kingdom Hearts 2 Now! Damn You Square-enix Making Me Wait For This Game, I Will Be At Home Crying While You Lucky Americans Are At Home Playing One Of The Best Games Of 2006!! I Wish I Didn't Live In Europe!
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    if kh2 will come out next year what will you do?

    I got a wait until August...that almost feels like a whole year away, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
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    european release date

    I have been on alot of game websites recentley trying to find out when i can get hold of it, the release date seems to vary, late April to late August. When is a European release date gonna be officially confirmed?