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  1. J

    weird fact on sora's heartless

    no! haha,, sora became a shadow because he only has small amount of darkness in his heart. That doesn't mean that the stronger heart you have, the stronger heartless you'll become.... This is only applicable for the creation of nobodies... in heartless, the amount of darkness in your heart...
  2. J

    Kingdom hearts is light?

    you can only find light in the deepest darkness,, when sora was fighting with ansem, they were at the endless abyss( where you cannot even find a small glimmer of light), so that gave sora the idea that kingdom hearts is light.
  3. J

    Heart of the chosen Keyblade wielder

    uhm,, this is my second time in posting theories, uhm,,, have you noticed the keyblades stuck in the ground in the secret ending of KH2:Final mix could it be possible that there are even more keyblade wielder in BBS, not just MX, Ven, Aqua and Terra. Still, This is a theory but What could...
  4. J

    Theory on Unbirth

    Well, this is my first time to pose threads,, i hope this could be of help to you Unbirths,,, just like Nomura have said: There is meaning in various ways, adding "un" creates the opposite meaning of "birth" thus the "unbirth". With this, the "unborn" is given real meaning. could it be...
  5. J

    theory on MX

    its impossible,dont u think itsquite confusing? not all of the princesses of hearts are present in bbs,,, alice is not yet born,,, the artificial keyblade from kh1 was made eventhough the 7 hearts of the princesses are not yet complete is because of the presence of kairi's being. is there...