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    Obtaining Ragnarok on Command Board

    I've done this a lot of times in the japanese version and hopefully things are the same. In my game i had the same problem because i was playing the command board in the mirage arena. They change the abilities you get depending on where you play the board so try getting the ability in the start...
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    Two Mysteries Solved

    This is a really well thought out theory of the heartless and the unversed part but i disagree a little on the x-keyblade part. Here's what I think. I think that Ven and Vanitas are two halves of the blade and they were only able to use it when they were combined. Knowing this it brings me to...
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    Birth by Sleep Keyblades

    ok so for those of you who want to know i'll tell you some names of the keyblades. one little note first these are the exact translations from the characters and some might be a little off because the picture is a little fuzzy. If someone can get better quality pictures then i would be more than...
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    Bosses you want in BBS

    Yeah i guess your right but i could also imagine having him as an ally while you go through and fight angeal, sephiroth, and genesis. That would be a great series fo fights.
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    Bosses you want in BBS

    I think it would be cool if you could fight Zack from FFCC cause at this point he still has to be alive right?
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    who is strongest out of VAT

    I think that they are gonna have them have different types of mastery and space out power between the 3 like they did for sora donald and goofy. What I mean is something like this. Donald and Aqua = magic specialist Goofy and Terra = strength specialist Sora and Ven = balanced magic and strength
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    Riku boss help... -,- :P

    OK well I have the game and have helped 4 other friends with Riku 4 so if u want you can use this method because it has worked everytime for me. Here is an overview of all the cards you will need. Weapon cards: Mostly have lvl 8 or 9 cards and don't worry about the attack or speed of the card...
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    BBS - dialogue, characters

    Well to comment on omni chaos's reply about the yellow eyes and being closer to darkness, i think everyone the fm+ secret trailer and at the end terra had yellow eyes and I think that terra finally gives in to darkness to protect his friends and the whole point of birth by sleep is to stay away...
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    BBS Keyblades

    Well just speaking my mind here but i remember reading an interview between khinsider and the birth by sleep game development company and he said that the level system was like "growing" so maybe as you "grow" in the game, your keyblade and abilities grow with you as well.
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    What does Birth by Sleep Mean? Thats the Question.

    For me personally i think that it means that there is a sleeping power inside terra, ven, and aqua and that they can only really be "born" when they awaken this power and become those three keyblade fighters.