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    hardest boss

    Well I'll say the hardest boss battle is Sephiroth and Terra together at once. But it was hard to beat. I used my codebreaker to do that.
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    Larxene-The Best Woman Fighter on Organization XIII

    One time I threw mine out the window for losing against Riku replica. It hit the concrete.
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    Larxene-The Best Woman Fighter on Organization XIII

    Larxene is a good character, considering she is the only organization member that is a female. To bad she died in Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories.
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    I'm about to finish KH and...

    You can actually use roms. All you have to do is get a R4 for the DS then copy the rom into the R4. After that you can play it. I learned that on this one site. I don't have an R4 though. I wish.
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    Use a gameshark. If you get one then you can get a lot of good stuff. Like all Ultimate weapon 9 cards.
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    I'm about to finish KH and...

    Well the thing you should remember is that half of the Organization members have been killed by Sora. One was killed by Axel. And Sora went to sleep at the end of the game.
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    Cloud and Sephiroth

    I haven't thought of it. Its was friends idea so tell him that.
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    Cloud and Sephiroth

    I think they teleported to their own world. Hey wouldn't it be cool if Sephiroth won and he turned Cloud evil and then you had to fight them both? That would be so awesome. Best of all it would be so cool if you could use both blades after you beat them both. I think Sephiroth's and Cloud's...