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    Assault of the Dreadnought Mission 3

    i beat it, it is actually easy until you get to the final boss, which is REALLY hard. But there is an easy way to kill him. 1. SHOOT HIM ALOT 2. wait for the lights around him to light up, this will be an "X" beam, so dogde straight to the left or right to keep out of the way 3. RIGHT after...
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    this may sound stupid

    the menu trailer for kh1???? that song is called "Hikari"
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    secret ending for KH2 spoilers!

    its called "Sunset Horizon" thats the name of the music for it on the soundtrack. And we dont know much about it so anything is possible!
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    he is talking about how Sora looks weaker ( or something like that) than the other keyblade weilders he has seen. That is probably just a little quote to leave us with questions for KH3 or w/e come next!
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    just a theory

    dont double post!! this is not going to give you more feedback!
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    Keyblades on kh2

    they are meant to be used for the drives, to mix up abilities. Its for fighting preference. and alos you forgot the winnie the pooh keyblade( i forgot the name) it helps you with the moogle shop so much
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    How many forms?

    valor- get when you get new cloths wisdom- get after timeless river world by minnie master- given by mickey in hollow bastion after 1 space paranoids visit final- drive into it randomly after the events at memory skyscraper; becomes avaialbe anytime after that anti- drive randomly, more...
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    which strategy guide should i get

    its not gone, dude its limited for like a year i bet, there is still about 10 on the shelves in my local Best buy and wal mart, etc.
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    How much farther now...?

    is a while but why are you worrying about how long man? just beat the game!! lol
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    gummi ship missions

    no the journal doenst have anything about gummi ships in it, dont worry
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    The Seven Princesses of Heart

    read one of the secret ansem reports about kairi, it tells you why they cant have a heartless or nobodies
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    KH2's difficulty?

    yeah i agree, the org. member fights are togher and innovative, but regular enimies are easy, except for the adavnce nobodies in TWTNW, they are harder than the hardest enemies in kh1, so its a well balanced game
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    Fight Seifer at the End of the Game???

    yeah i have the same problem....i have fought hayner 7 times!!!
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    Did you like Demyx?

    demyx was a bad fighter but he wwas really funny and quirky, and the his last line, you traitor!! or w/e it was was so sweet!
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    Best places to level up each form?

    man we all know the perfects spots, cuz we have mastered the game so quickly its amazing!lol
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    Secret Message in Sanctuary

    its been on here since passion was released a while beack XD
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    did u Kh2 answer your questions

    it didnt answer all my questions i have like 2 left that are unanswered, but it does fill in most of the blanks
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    yuna rikku and pain

    i was mad they were faries, lol. they should have been full size andsora would look at the mand be like whoa, hot women in skimpy clothing -gasp-. And then DOnal and Gofy would remind him of Kairi then Sore would get a big grin on his face, LMAO
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    Keyblades and Location.

    keyblade: Oblivion Secondary: Hero's Quest, Fenir, Oathkeeper lv: 61 location: TWTNW
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    Kh2: Too Easy?

    some of your spoilers are wrong(about enigmatic man) but im at the last save point, and now gonna go leval up.Its not a short game, its just people are playing it for like 6 hours + a day, its not normal to do that XD! I thouhgt it was a great game, and i love the drive forms, ( Final= ZOMG!) i...