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    Secret ending, plz don't get mad at me..

    if anything it reminded me of final fantasy armor. or maybe Star Oceans...
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    Possiable theory for KH 3 with Xehanort SPOILERS

    Stop me if you've this idea before, but i'm just returning and haven't looked at everything. Many theories have come about concerning KH3 and i began to ponder my own. In the secret ansem reports, on the first one ansem says that Xehanort exhibits "superhuman" abilities. Well, what if he...
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    i'm back... but you guys probably don't care

    I don't know if anyone here even remembers me but i was here back when the forum was on its old serve in like 2004. Certain things have hindered my return and i've finally gotten around to coming back. I forgot where certain things like this go but i'll do my best. no one probably cares about my...
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    i-pod assistances

    i think i'm going to get one of those new i-pod shuffles, but i don't know how the whole thing works. So does anyone have an i-pod and could help me. my questions are, does the i-pod come with a service to some music download site or something, is the service free or do you have to pay a monthly...