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    Ideal Keyblades for Valor, Master & Final Forms?

    Well, I was thinking perhaps Rumbling Rose for Valor form, since it allows Finishing Moves to end successfully, making Valor Form dangerous. As for Two-Across, I don't have Final Mix, I'm playing on KH2 :3
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    Ideal Keyblades for Valor, Master & Final Forms?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering, what are the best Keyblades to use for Valor, Master, and Final Forms? Ideally, for Valor form, I use Fenrir, since it's got high strength and good range, which is pretty good for Valor Form. Only disadvantage is that Ground and Midair Combos are reduced. Could...
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    Personally, I don't really use fire much, I only us it if I'm surrounded, though rarely. I mainly use Reflega, Thundaga, Magnega and Blizzaga. Why Magnega? If you use Magnega, and Thundaga right after, you'll get a combo, plus, the enemies will be in 1 place, due to Magnega, making Thundaga...
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    Level 99 Roxas

    I believe you can do it, but as everyone is saying, you'll need lots of patience and lots of time.
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    Sephiroth D:

    Actually you get the Fenrir Keyblade from Sephiroth. All the other Orichalcum+s are out there, and call all be obtained before fighting Sephiroth. In other words, you can get Ultima Weapon before having to fight Sephiroth.
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    Sephiroth D:

    Sure, no problem. Well, Elixirs are pretty good, considering that they heal your HP and MP together. If you want to find Elixirs, here's where you should go and do: -Equip Sweet Memories (for higher item drop rate) -Make sure everyone has the ability 'Jackpot' -Go to Space Paranoids. -Defeat...
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    Sephiroth D:

    You should really get High Jump, Glide, Quick Run and Ariel Dodge. These will help you throughout the battle. Another skill you should equip is Guard Break. When Sephiroth starts slashing, guard, and use Guard Break. This will stop him from slashing, giving you a chance to charge at him...
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    Hades Paradox Cup X_X

    As the level suggestion says, you should be level 99 to beat it, though I beat it at level 96. Currently on my Standard Mode, I'm level 88, but I lost twice, usually on Bosses. Here's what I usually do against each Boss. Round 5: Volcanic Lord - I usually just go with the flow, rarely use...
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    Heartless and nobody

    He probably means since both Living Bone and Berserker do lots of damage in combos, that both in one battle might be tough. Living Bone do that spinny thing (;)) and Berserkers, well, they're very annoying! My answer is that I'd stay using Reflega.
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    Sorcerers mune to magic?

    Hi everyone, I've noticed that Sorcerers (Nobodies), are immune to Fire, Blizzard and Thunder. The journal says that Sorcerers are immune to all kinds of magic, but I say that is not true. Sorcerers are affected by Reflect and Magent, and that's magic isn't it? So why did the jorunal say that...
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    how do you beat xaldin

    OK, 2 things: 1. Maitaj, I would say Sephroth is the HARDEST boss in the game, 10 times harder than Xaldin. 2. I can help you with defeating Xaldin. Here's how to beat him: You should be at least level 35 for this battle. Be equipped with Hi-Potions, ethers, and all kind of medicines. Now...
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    Do you like the Gummi Ship and its missions?

    Hi everyone, I was just curious and wanted to know if anyone likes flying the Gummi ship, doing its missions, getting high ranks or collecting parts? I don't mind doing all of this, I kinda enjoy it, especially when you have a complete journal and nothing to do :closedeyes: A poll has also...
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    who do you think is the best fighting style in Organization XII?

    I'd say Xemnas' fighting style is cool, since he's pretty swift, and has various types of attacks. Xaldin's is pretty cool too, since in the beginning of the battle, you can't touch him cos his 12 lances stay spinning around him, causing damage to nearby foes.
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    Anti-Form, useful?

    Anti-form has its goods and bads. In Anti-Form, you are agile, quite fast, and can unleash quite a number of attacks and combos. The BAD (and I mean horrible) things are: You can't revert, no magic, no reaction commands, and once Anti-Form is over, your drive guage is 0.
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    Defeating Boss in Anti-Form?

    K, I wanted to know about the cutscenes part. Thanks
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    Defeating Boss in Anti-Form?

    Defeating enemies is not what I'm after. Ok, let's say you defeat a boss in Valor form; then once the cinametic after begins, Sora will be in his robes, but they will be red (Valor form's colour), and same goes for Wisdom Form (blue), Master Form (yellow), and Final Form (White). But what...
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    Defeating Boss in Anti-Form?

    Is it possible to defeat a boss in Anit-Form? :confused:
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    Mickey comes to rescue you when you faint as Sora in boss battles. He saves you in the following boss battles: Shan-Yu Thresholder and Possessor Shadow Stalker/Dark Thorn Cerberus (First Battle with Auron) The Hydra Volcanic Lord and Blizzard Lord Storm Rider Xaldin Grim Reaper (First...
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    Trinity Glitch?

    Oh..ok guys thanks, I didn't know that. Sorry for my 'noobiness', it's not that I'm new to Kingdom Hearts or anything, it's just that my friends don't talk about it or play it, and now I finally have a place to talk about it :D
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    Kingdom Hearts Name Facts!

    Hi everyone, I realized some really cool facts in the names of most Kingdom Hearts characters, so I felt like sharing them out with everyone :) Every Organization XIII member has the letter 'X' in it. Xemnas Xigbar Xaldin Vexen Lexeaus Zexion Saix Axel Demyx Luxord Marluxia Larxene...