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    OwO Woot! I'm so glad I stay up until odd hours of the morning!! edit: So Even (Vexen) to me looks only barely different, except it looks like he's had a lot more sleep. xD However, his voice is definitely lighter, calmer, and less... mad scientist. Very good with the voice acting. Dilan...
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    Vanitas, the word itself

    Philosophically speaking... the darkness will never be gone. And if ever will be, it won't be the doing of any human. Sometimes the light may win... but darkness will appear as people tried to hoard the light for themselves (refer to Kairi's grandma's story?), and sometimes the dark may win...
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    Vanitas, the word itself

    Mmmn. Yes and no? Just because you're not part of a religion it doesn't mean you can't look into it and pull up philosophies that you like to add to your own belief system. This could all be interestingly coincidental, or Nomura may have actually looked into this. It would take a bit of research...
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    Vanitas, the word itself

    Ecclesiastes is in the old testament... and the old testament is part of a collective in Jewish, Christian, Catholic, and even Islamic bibles, even though they all go by different names. It's the inclusion or disclusion of books after the old testament that really make which religion which. o.o...
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    Vanitas, the word itself

    Vanitas vanitatum "Vanity of vanities". For those who went to look this up, it shouldn't be new. But for those who haven't, or for those who didn't look into it very far... this will be interesting. Not only is it Latin, its flat out biblical. So, religious or not, take a spin at this quote...
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    More Vjump Scans

    Indeed. The double entendre may in this case in the form that he himself is vain... but that he is also the symbol of someone else's vanity. MX showing off his apprentice makes him vain, also. If they think the suit gives them super human ability to use darkness without hurting themselves...
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    More Vjump Scans

    The Japanese site on the meaning behind the word Vanitas? When it comes to words like that... words to describe the heart... the translations are kind of vague and left open to interpretation. xD ...I can compare it to a religious concept I was brought up with. That everything in this world is...
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    More Vjump Scans

    I thought I'd google Vanitas as ヴァニタス for you guys. I found this (and notice that I've linked it THROUGH the google translator so you can read it in English): http://www.translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http://www.paintweb.jp/text/vanitas.html - it has nothing to do with the...
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    More Vjump Scans

    ...after reading through a mountain of the posts left in this thread... has anyone officially identified that chair? - Hollow Bastion's library? (Well its not the one Kairi's grandma is sitting in, I looked immediately.) - Mickey's Desk, Disney Castle? - Roxas' Room? - Yen Sid's tower? -...
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    DS and the Emblem Heartless

    D= OMG this is my first actual thread on this site. But its absolutely necessary after months and months of barely posting. I had a dream that wouldn't leave me alone this morning and it forced me out of bed to put it on paper. You guys are gonna love it. *still a little scared, but whatever...
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    Xehanort and Terra

    Oh wow - I didn't realize that Another was in Xehanort's name - wasn't that the password that Xemnas used in the computer in Hallow Bastion during KH2's Final Mix? (Then again, squinting at that text I was for sure the longest time it said 'Brother' - but the wiki insists Another, and you know...
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    Destiny Islands Keyhole in BBS?

    Not sure how relevant it is, but in one of the first trailers for the first Kingdom Hearts game, Sora is seen locking/unlocking the Destiny Islands keyhole, which clearly didn't happen in-game whatsoever. As we all know some things are only symbols or themeatical, or are looked into far too much...
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    Xehanort's Armor

    Xemnas' armor at the end of KH2 doesn't resemble the armor of the three warriors to me much at all. I can see the connection that people make, though. However, Ansem from the first KH game, aka, Xehanort's heartless, also wore armor in his last battle when he fused with the End of The World. His...
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    The connection between SRK, VAT, and RAX

    As much as I've read Nomura's interview quote about Riku being behind the door and this causing him to have no Nobody or Heartless... Kairi, a princess, still said that "Riku's lost his---" and got cut off by Sora who didn't want to hear it. This is in the Traverse Town visit right after you...
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    Do nobodies age?!

    As do I - but look what age I just said. Twenty. I swear he's only 16-17. That makes him 9 or 10. Genius or not, it's pushing it. <3
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    Do nobodies age?!

    Wow. I lurk the forums a lot, but rarely ever post... yet this deserves my input: Zexion. Right there is your paradox. It's not just his shoes on his model between the games. It goes deeper than that. It's how long he's been a Nobody that's the important factor (and this can be applied to any...
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    The 14th member, Xion

    The biggest factor against you is that Xion's female. Hair color is irrelevant. Roxas = blonde, Sora = brown. Silver-white to blue sounds perfectly reasonable. Oh, and HELLO to the idiots. In the first game, Kairi says "Riku lost his---" and was cut off again by Sora, who was still adamant to...