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    New additions to FM and COM?

    Is the "sad boss battle" for CoM or KH2?
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    Some info on Re: Chain of Memories TGS trailer.

    Well you can officially call yourself a nerd...crap...me too...lol
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    Kingdom Hearts: RE: Chain of Memories Petition

    kingdom hearts is SERIOUS BUISNESS. [x] signed.
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    Some info on Re: Chain of Memories TGS trailer.

    crud. So that doesnt help us...well...unless you understand Japanese... I hope all the bosses get sick revamped moves aka Lexeus being able to break the floor
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    RE COM additions

    Zexion's weapon should really be his mind...hes powerful enough sending Riku into an alternate world and almost killing him as Sora...
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    Kingdom Hearts: RE: Chain of Memories Petition

    no info of it NOT being in the US...but i guess ill sign it anyway
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    Some info on Re: Chain of Memories TGS trailer.

    yea that is some serious bull$%#* are those english or japanese VAs?
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    Some info on Re: Chain of Memories TGS trailer.

    multiple voice actors wtf?
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    RE COM additions

    but his by far the most enigmatic of the bunch. He REALLY deserves a boss battle in RR.
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    Tgs Pics/beta Poster Pic/trailersum/gameplaysum

    Zexion was always "short" compared to some of the others. Vexen was like lanky and Lexeus is just a monster so obviously Zexion looks small...hes still my favorite :)
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    RE COM additions

    Nice ideas. Zexion really needs more time. I hope they really dont have a VA with a lisp...they need a dark emo voice for him :). I really hope Nomura does a KH3 and has the Organization again...they were such likable villians.
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    RE COM additions

    So who else wants to have a Zexion boss battle for Reverse Rebirth instead of a lame cutscene? BTW. Long time no see everyone. oh, and lemmie hear any other additions/changes to the game that you would like to hear :)
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    Finally...COM Manga Is Out

    http://www.kh2.co.uk/?com=MV-1 Volume 1 at least...The Organization look awesome...to bad they got wasted...KH3 should bring em back...
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    Did the CoM manga ever get...

    Scanned by someone? Also: When is the KHII manga out. BTW I hadnt logged on ina while so if I missed it can someone relink these plz.
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    COM Movie

    What they should do in-between production of KH3, is make KH:CoM for PS3 with the fighting style of KH2, the graphics of PS3, and the story of COM.
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    (Spoilers) Zexion puppetmaster theory

    Nomura said Zexion died without fighting? Where was this?
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    more COM Manga scans FTW!

    I wish they were ALL in kingdom hearts 2...i hope kh3 brings us some serious revamp of the orgniazation's storyline
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    more COM Manga scans FTW!

    god i want more...
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    Worst Game Ever.

    JUST KIDDING. This game rules so hard. I just watched someone play against Xaldin and they got OWNED. Mickey literally came out 7 times. Has anyone been able to beat him without the help of mickey?
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    Cid's Voice?

    Sounds So Stupid.