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    Command Board

    I didn't like the command board at first because I got all my points stolen and I kept landing on the other characters panals but once I got into the rythm I really liked it, it's really fun to get everything and watch your opponents points go into the negatives p.s anyone know how to unlock...
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    When you get BBS who will you play as first?

    I'm going to do Terra then Ven then Aqua but I heard that the first 10 minutes of their storys are the same so I might do the first 10 minutes of all of them first before I delve into Terra's story
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    Best system

    Ok I havn't played BBS and I don't know alot about the battle system but some say it's ok some say it's way hard but I dont know I mean chain of memories was weird and so was 358/2 days but why does anyone care how difficult the system is it just adds to the game play I mean if KH was easy to...
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    how the replicas are created

    Thats what I said smile It might not have sounded like that though
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    The touching the sad and the anticlimactic

    Same here Roxas XIII and Maian I do think it was touching just a little mood spoiling
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    Couple questions about KH1

    the stars represent the worlds man and when they go out it symbolizes the worlds light go en out man :lol:
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    how the replicas are created

    roxasisamazing;4579567]You see what he is like when you first see him in R/R and the final fight with him in R/R. He was fully aware that he was a replica Keep in mind at first he was then he was messed with by namine after something or another I forget and then he remembered after namine was...
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    A strange possibility

    Ok this is something I just thought of. Everyone knows by now that diffrent key blade forms are just diffrent key chains. Well you know how mickey has that key blade from the dark realm well what if since that key blade has an oppisite all other key blades have an oppisite key chain. Just want...
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    wheredo you get them

    I beat the game last night and I know that you have beat the game to get Mickey and Sora but I can not find them in the moogle shop
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    The touching the sad and the anticlimactic

    Ok I just beat the game and I was thinking about the whole Xion death crystilization and I was like that is so sad plus no one but Sora will remember her and even he wont really remember her. Well anyway I was like it's kind of anticlimactic close to the end because he is like Xion but who will...
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    locations is not there

    I am on the part were you have track down and defeat at least 6 heartless and I have killed the armor one the two underground ones and the sword one I have decided to kill the ocurus as my last one instead of the chamelion thing but I can not find that other giant heartless
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    What Next

    Ok so I chose to do that mission where you have to find xaldin in beasts castle and I have gone to beast's door and seen the whole talking to himself thing and I hve been in every other part of the castle but I cant find him
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    Not again

    I was just in Wonderland I had killed one of the heartless that had split in two that that creepy Cheshire cat told me about but then it came back top life and I found out that You had to kill the both of them at the same time other wise they cant be killed but I dont know how to do that please help
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    I need help aganst grave leach or whatever

    I am on day 256 news and I keep trying to kill that stupid boss And I keep dyng at first I only attacked the stupid coffin then I decided to take out those annoying tenticle things but I felt It was to much work to keep attacking those things just for about 15 seconds without those claws then I...
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    things on kh2 you could not believe

    I thought the outfit looked better to
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    Are you going to import or wait?

    I am going to wait that way I have time to get a psp
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    wait I'm confused

    thank you very much destinykh
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    wait I'm confused

    on recent threads people keep calling the unbirth's unverse's which is it
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    things on kh2 you could not believe

    on kh2 what are some of the thing that happened to you that you could not believe. for me it was when my friend spent the night and I introduced him to kh2 I was at the point that you fight xaldine again. and I died and decided to let him play we did not count king mickey's as dying. When he...
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    weird funny theorie

    What if and this is a big what if namine gained some of the magic that sora had since she was sort of made of him just like roxas was and she could cast a few spells it would explain why she told roxas she was a whitch in kh2 just a weird funny theorie tell me what you think