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    what happens when you beat re:chain of memories on proud mode?

    no Re:CoM is not out in the states. Monkey Flute just imported it too or got it somehow. Sorry.
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    ownership of kh1 fm

    No I never really thought of buying it either. I dont think it would make much sense either.I guess it is just a game for the japenesse since they didn't get hardly as much extras as we did.
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    AARRRRGGGG, Material Collecting

    Umm I dont think they are in twilight town at all just equip lucky ring and the lucky lucky abiltiles and items for sora donald and goofy and go through the organization's castle in the world that never was. I think samuris( sorry for the spelling) drop them too. Good Luck!
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    Kairi's bottle

    I dont know how it got over there but the point is that it did get there and that triggered the door to the light and made a happy ending so just dont argue with it. No jk.
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    Shouldn't kingdom hearts 2 be 3

    Umm microsoft and neon, you're going a little off topic. But anyways, CoM was just a little something to help us understand some things in kh2, like why sora was sleeping in a pod. It was also there so the kh fans wouldn't go away since it took four years for the official sequel.
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    A little help please

    Ok I was just going through all the worlds of kingdom hearts and I bought a bunch of stuff. Then before I knew it I was broke. So I need to know how to get some quick cash. I mean it can take awhile but just not like a day or two. Alright thanks.
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    How Many Can You Take!

    yah I know it would be like the hardest battle of all time, lol.
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    How Many Can You Take!

    I would have a battle of -100 terra's -1,000 behemoths -10,000 neoshadows -2 Leons, Yuffie,Clouds and Tifas -and all the Organization members. Now that would be hard and the song would be "What I've Done" by Lincoln Park. Awsome!!!
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    Birth by Sleep?

    Ok like I said at another thread if anyone saw it I just thought of the weirdest thing that could possibly kick me off this site for being so weird and dumb but I will post it anyways. Ok what I think Birth by Sleep means is that Sora, Riku, and Kairi were sort of born by terra aqua and ven...
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    Yet Another Theory

    Ok I am pretty sure everyone is sick of theories but I haven't really ever posted anything close to a theory so if it stinks sorry I never really was that bright. Ok I think that the U.E.M. is Xehanort's heartless that is incomplete like a half of a heartless. I think that the old guy or...
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    What happened?

    Ok this probably doesn't belong in here but I dont know where else to put it. Ok when you go to khinsider's home page aren't you supposed to see the latest forum topics above the Multimedia section. Mine isn't there anymore and this isn't anything major I was just wondering what happened or if...
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    Finding the Extra Boss The E.S. (Or Terra) (FAQ Inside)

    O so that is where terra is. I have been looking for him forever but instead got addicted to making power, defense, and magic ups( so fun). Thanks a lot too.
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    dont you think that it is kinda awkward that twlight town is almost the same as the world that never was? Like what Microsoft994 said it could be just another twilight town taken over by darkness and the nobodies. Even the parts of the world are the same. 1. You start out in a back alley as to...
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    What level should you be at to beat Marluxia II?

    Marluxia is a guy!That changes my view of all the organization lol. I also beat redux at level 62 with a good amount of health though you should be good along with a couple of strong attacks at the front of the deck.
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    Disney Castle in Kh1

    ok thanks for telling me ,I got a little confused once I saw it.
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    Disney Castle in Kh1

    Alright this is probably the most stupidest question ever asked on this site but can you play in the Disney Castle world in kh1. If so how do you get there and if not then why was it on the gummi map? Was it just to show where Donald and Goofy came?
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    If you could..

    If you could make a keyblade what would its name strength magic and ability be?
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    Khfm+ import

    what version of swap magic do you need?
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    What level?

    I was level 57 when I beat kh1,haven't finished CoM(just got it), and level 44 in kh2
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    Reversed storyline

    Ok we all know since we played the kh series that riku was supposed to be in sora's spot and vice versa. who else thinks it would be kinda cool if SE made a game about sora riku and kiari if riku was actually where he was supposed to be in sora's spot?