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    Saving kingdom hearts 2 with my Empty 64mb memory card?

    HELP? Can't save on the second day in the prologue with my completely empty 64mb memory card. Any suggestions? Its a max memory card. Here's a pic. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51GZ4MAWQPL._SL500_AA280_.jpg Help? I really want to play this...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 NTSC/UC CB/AR Codes

    for what? codebreaker or armax?
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    Go to gamestop and buy a freaken codebreaker/gameshark/armax for ps2. there like 20-30$
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    about a code for kh2

    its the same thing with codebreaker. i just play the prologue because my mom won't let me buy a official sony memory card to play, saying that a 3rd party 64mb memory card is just fine.... It goes black when i use dual wielding roxas and follow the nobody on the first day into the haunted...
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    Convert from ARMAX to CODEBREAKER????

    They don't work..............................................................
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    Convert from ARMAX to CODEBREAKER????

    :thumbup: True, very true
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    Convert from ARMAX to CODEBREAKER????

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I think they are usa version. i found them on super cheat. I think the mods should sticky this thread!:thumbsup:
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    Convert from ARMAX to CODEBREAKER????

    Probaly, i have no clue. what is pal?
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    Convert from ARMAX to CODEBREAKER????

    :cursing: can someone convert some codes for me? if you do, i'll give you either some more armax codes or codebreaker. i have alot. These are the codes 2 Valor Soras 8PNG-XRPZ-VQU5Z MEA4-V23A-V8ZKY 2 Wisdom Soras 7BC3-QFG0-VZC81 66F5-1HK4-EXG1Q 1 Valor & 1 Wisdom Sora HKCJ-CQK7-8RD3D...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 NTSC/UC CB/AR Codes

    Not my codes, found them, most of them are from antiweapon i think and i bet he dosen't know me. Go to Destiny Island(Hold R2 while walking into another area) E001FDFF 0035B55C 1033E830 00000203 play as auron 11C95618 00000065 play as jack sparrow 11C95618 00000066 play as beast 11C95618...
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    I have kingdom hearts 2 codebreaker cheats, and I don't know if i'm allowed to ask for cheats here. I'll happily trade cheats for cheats. i have codebreaker v10 though. P.S: I have kingdom hearts 2 and a max memory 64mb memory card with no game saves in there and it keeps saying that I need...