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    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Sora and Riku to See Clothing Changes

    Yes, but its not just a "master" thing either. It seems as if Yen Sid will be Sora's master and neither he nor Mickey have armor.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Sora and Riku to See Clothing Changes

    I think its time for Sora to get some new "Duds" as goofy would call it. And not armor, leave that with TAV.
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    Theory on MF and a different “road”

    So, ever since I watched the secret ending to BBS, I was intrigued by Master Xehanort’s mentioning of the other roads he had. I suspected that the Mysterious Figure would also be connected to one of the “other roads” he had set. Now I’ve come up with a theory that is so simple but I believe it...
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    BBS V2 Prediction

    The "seperate beings" theory would explain Yen Sids multiple Xehanorts comment. Obviously half of terra's heart is not in Xemnas because Xemnas has no heart at all (half or whole). Although I do find it a possibilty that Xemnas could have a sleeping heart, possibly Eraqus's. However, I think...
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    Why does everyone think days was such a bad game?

    Not everyone thinks it was an aweful game but because of how much hype it got (being basically the first new KH game since KH2) it didn't quite live up to expectations. EDIT: Also you can read this for other peoples opinions on Days ---->...
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    PSP Help

    Oh yeah its a great deal with everything that it comes with but it still costs $199 and I want to look at some other options.
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    PSP Help

    First off I thought that this would be the best place to post this but if a Mod belives that it should go elsewhere feel free to move it. Okay so I'm looking to purchase a PSP and while there are other games that I know I will play on it, BBS is the main reason that I'm getting one. So what I...
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    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    haha okay I wasn't sure and I didn't want it to look like I was making fun of you. Where are you from btw, I've never heard of BOMDAS
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    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    Umm I kinda hope your kidding about this (which is okay if you are, I dont know how smart you are). In case you arent the answer is 15. Using order of operations (PEMDAS) you multiply 6*2 to get 12 then add 1+1+1 to get 15. There ya go
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    I'm sure this has been done a million times, but...

    The idea of a reaction command is great but it doesn't really fit into the style of KH. In Kh1 it was more of a hack and slash style of compat that wasn't made to look pretty but it enabled you to attack then retreat to avoid attacks. The reaction command tried to make the gameplay smoother and...
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    Kingdom Hearts Is the Best

    ^This is the worst post ever made.
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    Max Stats and Misc. Stuff

    First don't worry about giving gameplay spoilers especially when its KH1 spoilers. Its kind of a given that just about everybody has been spoiled on KH1 on here. Anyway, to answer your questions: -there are no limits on MP so if you chose the staff yes you can get a rediculous amount of MP if...
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    Smaller Worlds

    Haha you've been on this site since last December and you haven't noticed how everybody complains about the worlds in KHII. I think the word is called "platforming" and KHII lacked this greatly. Yes people agree, no this thread isn't really going anywhere.
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    Time to give CoM some love

    I really recomend playing Re:CoM and you should be able to finish it before BBS comes out. CoM (Sora's Story) takes about 20-30 hours to finish and Reverse/Rebirth (Rikus Story) takes about 10-15 hours to finish but is still really fun.
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    Cheating Devices: Chest Request

    I think you can also go to the Train Station and board a train that will take you to the Mysterious Tower but the gummi ship also works but it might not always be available. But like someone said you don't need to use a cheat. There are ways to return.
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    3DS Bundle????

    There's always a possiblity but i don't see KH3D being as big as BBS so it probably wont have a bundle. Also it will be released probably right after the N3DS is also released so i say no.
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    Will we find out more about Kairi's Grandmother?

    Okay I think that Ariel wasn't chosen as a PoH because of one slight detail..... She has darkness in her heart!! I mean she lusted to see the outside world and then she stole the most precious item from her own father and dealt it to an evil being (Ursula). Wouldn't you think that if she was a...
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    In KH2's Defense

    Caution: This post is very long. Okay I'm not really new to these forums but a common theme that I see in here is the KH2 hate. Now I can't totally disagree because there are some problems that I have with KH2 but there is one thing that I thought that the sequel had that was much better than...
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    Final Mix II and Re:Chain of Memories

    Yeah but days is actually better played after KH2 because of some of the questions it answers from KH2. Its not a big difference but thats how i'd do it.
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    Death to Stealth Sneak!

    I found SS to be one of the toughest bosses in the game (only behind D Maleficent and the various forms of Ansem). You said to use the occasional cure but if my memory is correct you don't learn cure until after beating SS. Unless of course you meant potions. Anyway, because I didn't see this...