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    Comic Books

    I'm a huge fan of comic books but I only own a few since there isn't a place to buy them near me. I would like people to post links to sites that have info on the characters, the different "genres" (avengers, x-men, thor, etc), maybe a list of comics or just anything to do with comics...
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    the .Hack series

    I was wondering if anybody could tell me about the .Hack video games. I tried looking them up but my computer doesn't seem to want towork. I have issues viewing the pages. I've seen the series and thought the games would be cool. Can anyone tell me what the story is; how the game play is...
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    Blade: Trinity --- Aftermath

    For every virus, there are always those who are amune. This is no different for the vampires. Daystar wiped out most of their population and would have kept going but the vampires got smart. They created a cure using those who were amune. Now the world is becoming infested once again . . ...
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    All Known KH2 Videos

    Like Hobbes stated at the begining, POST THOSE LINKS!!!!!!!! Don't bother asking (because any link for vids is perfectly welcome in my books) since she asked. Yes, it would be polite but I'm guessing the same goes for her. POST EM!!!!!!
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    the unkowns and their elements

    Flower? Why wouldn't it just be earth or nature? Oh well, who can tell what are in the minds of others. Could there be an element called "Unknown"? I forget the game (other than pokemon) that had that element but my friend has it. And there could be a "None" (non element) like some other...
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    I was wondering that too. My brother and I suspect that the girl you see is her. . . right? So why not show her face? And if that IS her, how come she looks so much older when the others don't?
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    The bigest twist would be?

    Personally, I think the BIGGEST twist would be if Kairi ended up with a keyblade (or just a weapon) and fighting with Sora.
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    RPG Battleground weapon issue

    I have my weapon equiped but it won't let me use it in battle. Can anyone tell me what's going on? I have tried unequiping and reequiping but nothing works.
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    Anita Blake Vampire Hunter

    Based on the series. If you want a series overview, go here: http://www.laurellkhamilton.org/AnitaOverview.htm ------------------------------------------------------------------- Someone can be Anita b/c I don't really want to. If you want more info on characters from the series, go here...
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    Fanfiction ► Mutant X: A Spark from the Past

    Thanks for reviewing Wraith.:D Your story is good and I enjoyed reading it. I was starting to feel bad about the story . . . still kinda do. I hope that those who read this will review. Thanks for reading, though. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Emma awoke to find herself...
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    Fanfiction ► Forsaken Twilight: Revised Edition

    Thanks for bringing it back. Where did you expect us to get our entertainment? Don't answer that. Just glad you're back and keep it up. Good story.
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    Fanfiction ► Mutant X: A Spark from the Past

    Author's Note: I wrote this between seasons so..... yeah. I love nice reviews and hearing what you like about the story. If some things seem confusing... sorry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Children of Genomex have been broken down into four categories of mutants: Ferals...