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    which scenario are you playing as?

    Id do Terra then Aqua just to get a fresh feel of the kingdom hearts game, cuz you've already played Ven, i mean he looks like Roxas and from the video fights like Sora from KH1. Dont get me wrong he is by far one of the coolest looking characters just want a fresh start on the KH games
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    Im not big on speculations, but it is an interesting thought. Also makes some sense in his possible connection to Riku. Again not big on speculations, but very sensible.
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    TGS videos

    Does anyone have any info on where i can see videos if possible or if anyone knows if there are people at KHI working on getting them so we can get a looksy at them.
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    Vens outfit is awsome and Terras is cool too. I hope they base Sora's( in KH3) outfit from that of the knights in the handhelds. They are just so cool looking.
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    Scream for me

    I know this will be called a useless thread and most likely get closed, but i wanna hear everyone scream for the TGS and the Kingdom Hearts announcments. RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWsorarulesAAAAAAAAAAAAArikuisemoWWWWWWWWW
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    Kairi never became a heartless, how did Namine come to be?

    oh is that right never even thought that
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    Kairi never became a heartless, how did Namine come to be?

    well thats cuz Kairi was always in Sora's heart
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    Kairi never became a heartless, how did Namine come to be?

    and i think because kairi's heart was using sora's body as a vessel this is why Namine could control sora's memories and she was the only one who could chain them together
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    the awsome crown

    So Ive been away from the KH world for a while and just recenlty watched the videos on this site. And I just have to say that Sora's new crown is bitchin'. All tilted like he is some kind of pimp diesel. How cool is that. Is it there the entire game cuz that would be great.