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    Need Help!!!!!!!!11111

    Nice pics, and a decent website to boot.
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    Hook help please!

    I usually level up Sora a bunch if I can't defeat a boss. Then, find high number cards like 9's, 8's and 0's. You should be able to kill him then.
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    CoM Question

    If you want a little bit more info on the story in general, then yes, you should go pick up CoM. But, if you don't you wont be missing a whole lot out of the story for KH2, it just helps to know a little bit more before going into the game is all.
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    My advise is to just level up Sora a bunch and get some new sleights. You might have a good chance to beat her then.
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    The first time you fight riku

    I beat him at least 60 times, just so that I could get some exp. Now, if you ask me that same question but relate it to when we fight him the second time in Hollow Bastion, then no, it took me more then a few tries, most of which consisted of me swearing a fare amount.
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    star seeker 2

    Haven't really seen or heard of anything relating to this, so most likely it's not true. But hey, who knows, they might put it in if they ever port it over to the U.S.
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    Happy birthday COM

    Wow....you must have a really good memory if you remember somthing like this so congrats for that
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    Ahh, its been 6 months... What condition are your Strategy guides in?

    I got the guide the day the game came out and like 6 pages fell out the very day that i got it......and then, like a month later basically the entire beginning section of the guide had fallen out of the book
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    Any Sephiroth records?

    Mode-Proud Level-45 Times-about 20 or so Fastest time-4:00 easy if you know the pattern that he uses
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    the hell?

    It's hard to comprehend, just think of it as Riku playing as Sora really, it's will sort of make since then.
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    What the hell is Utada Hikaru saying?!

    wow, i never even heard her say that, but i would have to say that it's just reversed or something like that.
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    is their any blood in KH2?

    Theres blood in PoTC when Barbossa cut elizabeths hand, and when Will cut his hand in order for the curse to finally stop.
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    Hey I just noticed something.Might not be important but....

    This should go in the CoM section and it was marluxia
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    He didn't say anything dodgey, it's just hard to hear him that's all
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    FFXlll in KH2?

    Oh who knows, all i care about is the fact that you didn't know that that was tidus, wow...you know that you could've just looked at the instruction booklet that came with Kingdom Hearts, you would've been able to figure it out then.
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    Goosebumps from 13th Dilema (Possible Spoilers)

    Hey, leave the noob alone, no i'm just kidding, i don't make fun of noobs, but still, don't make fun of him
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    Goosebumps from 13th Dilema (Possible Spoilers)

    Not really, i mean, it was great music, but i didn't get goosbumps, oh, and welcome to the forums
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    roxas struggle-setzer's chicken wing*possible spoiler*

    I thought that he said my life is a dance with wings, i don't know what that means though
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    FFXlll in KH2?

    I never really noticed any of that before, so good observation. Nomura probably just put that in there to give hints or something like that
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    Kingdom hearts 2 poster!

    You can probably get it from somebody on Ebay, or wait for Square to update some more of there murchandise