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    Can I change my username?

    I not a newbie or anything i was just wondering how to change my username if there is a way
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    Who is Namine a Nobody of?

    This has been bothering me too. When i first got Kingdom Hearts II i always thought Namine was Kairi's Nobody but when i beat the game and saw every cutscene and understood Kingdom Hearts II, I had a thought:idea: because Namine can't be Kairi's Nobody because the only way for a Nobody to be...
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    The Four Path's Light , Dark , Twilight and Dawn

    Ok here's something thats been bothering me ever since i,ve beaten KH:COM on the Riku story and ever since i,ve beatin Kingdom Hearts II and saw the secret ending (ok i'll get to the point) The Four Path's Light, Dark,Twilight and Dawn if Light and Darkness are oppisites and Twilight is a mix of...
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    How do You Feel About Nintendo?

    I think Nintendo is AWSOME Nintendo is always changing the way people play games and making games fun for everyone not only JUST gamers and they make REVOLUTIONARY,NEW ERA Systems. First of all they were the firsts to make a handheld system,the game boy back in the day. Then they were the firsts...
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    How do i add codes on my Gameshark 2 Lite ?

    ok here's my prob my playstation 2 broke i don't know who did it (THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE) so i went to eb games to buy a NEW one (i don't like buying used stuff) so i buy one and they ask me if i wanted the value pack and i say yeah they say it comes with an extra controler bla bla bla and all...
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    What is Cid's connection

    when i was watching FF IV advent children i noticed something first of all the world that they are on couldn't be spira (because i would a least see ONE sphere) and if cid is on that world AND he's Rikku's father and Yuna's uncle how can this be because FF IV couldn't have been on spira:eek:
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    American Secret Ending

    u might have a point there and even if that's "somewhat" true KH won't be the same without sora,riku, and kairi OR........this is my therory u know how roxas has the oathkeeper and the oblivion BUT it's not ACUALLY Sora's keyblade's maybe this is the case and not only does sora and roxas have...
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    American Secret Ending

    do you think that the three people where sora, rikku , and kairi because one of them looked like a girl so that might be kairi
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    can anyone give me a COMPLETE list of KH2 keyblades

    Thank you Inner-Demon sooooooo much:D
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    can anyone give me a COMPLETE list of KH2 keyblades

    I,m tring to search for KH2 keyblades but i can't find them can anyone post them please?:D
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    keyblades please