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    Terra, Ven, and Aqua

    wait, i think i remember in chain of memories they said sora lost his dad when he was young. and i remembered that in the trailer Terra was looking at two kids who were playing swordfight. those kids were Sora were and Riku. so my theory is probly Terra Is Sora's father
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    Ideal Keyblades for Valor, Master & Final Forms?

    Well for normal i use the ultima wepon ( i use this for wisdom and it good for normal) Valor:Bond of Flames (i use this cause valor can't use magic. master: Sleeping Lion (master has good magic and attack. Boost it up for more with this keyblade) Final: Fenrir (final form use's more arieal...
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    In my nobody

    Well it's simple just say something with In My nobody. For exsample: Aqua asking Terra Where's the bathroom In my nobody. something like that.
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    Sephiroth lowest level

    KH1:48 on PROUD Took for ever!!! KH2:48 on PROUD AGAIN!!!! Look there twins!!!!
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    Kingdom hearts CoM cards!!

    yeah i seen those cards. i saw a tutorial vid on youtube. Some iddiot said it was rip off of chaotic. (not me)
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    Has anyone here done a link battle on the GBA version?

    If u played with a freind make sure u dont tell them ur strategy. But i't fun fun fun!!!!!
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    Phoenix Chaser Got it memorized?

    Hey i"m Phoenix Chaser (well of course.XD) My Name is Ryan Cann well i love Kingdom Hearts! I usually go snowboarding. My Fav Form is Limit Form. And my fav catch Phrase is Got it memorized. Got it memorized?