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    Want opinion!

    Actually the US sucks and I live in it but oh well ya the Org isn't evil just dumb
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    Where is Riku?

    Ya I really want to know about RIku he was always my favorite character I mean the guy is a beast
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    Dusk/Heartless half theory

    HEY I said the same thing before search all ASMS posts and I said the same thing come on dude don't copy
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    limited or reg edition

    strategy guides come on guys thats cheating and if u want to know about endings ask people on here
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    What made you buy the game?

    the sweet song I could not get it out of my head plus I own every animated disney movie wit h all those songs and stuff so I needed to check it out
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Worlds

    I would like to see jungle book
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    hearts reborn

    Marxluxia said that a heart can be remade after he told namine to crush sora's so can't people come back?
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    KH COM Organization members

    marxluxia said that a heart can be rebuilt when he told namine to destroy sora's so anyone can be revived right?
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    twilight....or maybe dark...no twilight
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    Kh2 extra features

    it has a 2nd disk sweet that rocks I think that it will be like minigame stuff music extra's being able to look at all cut scenes and a customzing thing but not of sora's clothes like keyblades
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    namine and sora

    Sry I'm confused about something So all those memories about sora were they really Riku's memories so then namine gave riku that star thing which means that maybe riku could have the same sort of keyblade thing also doese riku have a keyblade sorry I beat com so long ago also about kh2 I heard...
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    2 hearts

    Do u need 2 hearts to wield 2 keyblades cause when sora like fuses with goofy he duel weilds so does that mean the duely has 2 hearts? I'm just putting it out there
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    What Genres Would You Like To See In KH2?

    comedy well ya some but not to much definatly drama I like sad stories and probaly some romance
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    kairi & sora

    ya it i would be cool
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    ya but Riku again the dude has such a strong heart I mean it takes a stronger heart to use darkness than it does to use light so he has to be able to do something special some sort of keyblade thing
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    wait maybe mickeys blade is supposed to protect things cause it can't be stronger or how idd he end up behind the door also what about Riku he had a super strong heart Can he reclaim his keyblade
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    so opening and closing basicly does that mean mickeys keyblade can do other things and the Bhk's?
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    "Concept" talk

    okay gotchya and no I'm talking about something else I said when I was like Riku wants use twilight and everyone flamed me I know that theory was dumb
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    Riku's keyblade the one he has it was made out of the 6 hearts of the princesses and used to open the door to kingdom hearts and when kairi's heart got out it opened the door so does that mean there are diffrent types of keyblades and also the thing it opened was that kingdom hearts sry I...
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    "Concept" talk

    yeah riku is wwalking twilight I've been flamed this whole time for saying that