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    358/2 Days Cool Idea!!!

    Yeah like u can summon 2 at a time and they are on the screen for lik 20 seconds or whatever
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    358/2 Days Cool Idea!!!

    Yeah i would like to have the big anoying sword nobody that get all small and attack u what are they called???????? Ohhhhh the Berserker!!!
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    358/2 Days Cool Idea!!!

    Okay i was re-playing kingdom hearts 2 a couple minutes ago and i got to thinking. Okay so every Organization member has there own nobody to control right!!! so maybe in 358/2 Days when you play as an Organization member you can summon the members nobody!!! to help you!!! :thumbsup:
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    darkside twilight thorn

    yeah I would assume the same thing twilight thorn is probobly darksides nobody
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    Don't know if anyone noticed this...

    yup Xion's hood is on the scan is just blurry
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    Swap MAGIC

    Does the swap magic 3.6 work for your PS3 because I really want to play kingdom hearts final mix :huh:
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    Destiney Islands Door

    Okay i do not know if anyone has posted this but do you think destiny islands will be a level in any of the new Kingdom Hearts games (bbs, 358/2 days, coded) and that the new games will reveal what the door on destiny islands in the cave is and whats behind it. Or that in kingdom hearts coded...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 and Gamertag at E3

    Hi!!! i dont know if anyone else saw or posted this but on Tuesdays episode of X-Play they showed gamertag at E3 and he mentioned Kingdom Hearts 3 its not much but its kinda funny so hope you enjoy!!! G4 - X-Play - Features copy and paste adress!!!
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    The Door On Destiny Islands

    The door is probobly Destiney Islands Keyhole, but there is something suspicious about the door ? hmmmmmmmmmmmm :confused:
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    Olympus Colliseum ( HELP PLEASE )

    Omg can anyone else help me because some turnaments you can't use summons Edit: Hello ??? EditEdit: Hello ?????
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    Olympus Colliseum ( HELP PLEASE )

    All I need to do in the Journel is finish every mission in Olympus Colliseum, but it is really hard so can anyone give me hints on these mission 1. Phil's Training - Mainiac Mode 1,000 points The Unnderdrome Cup 2. Pain and Panic Cup - 2,000 or more points 3. Cerberus Cup - 1,000 or more...
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    Infinite Experience

    Yeah it hurts them P.S. - i FINISHED EVERY MOOGLE THING YAY
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    BS's Easy Drive Form upgrades-No BS

    Final - 1. I went to Twighlight Town computer room exit to the library go into Final kill all nobodies then exit world when your still in the form and repeat. < kills 10 nobodies 2. If you cleared all the nobodies and have 4-5 in your gauge left then go to next room and clear the nobodies on...
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    How do I get the gullwings summon

    There not a summon
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    Leveling Up

    yep :D
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    journel 2

    1. Meet all Charectors 2. Find all Treasures 3. Find every Heartsless 4. Find every Nobodie 5. Complete every Mini game 6. Complete all mission 7. Finish Synthinize List 8. Get all Ansem Reports 9.Find all Maps 10. Do all combo-moves and yeah what he said ^
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    Re: journel

    Re: journel Yeah that's what I was thinking LOL :D
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    Weapon +

    yeah I thought that was really cool to
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    The mysteries are upgrsded from an origanal item for example: Save the King and Save the Queen 1. Synthinize them 2. you have them 3. get the items for the weapon again 4. if you can when you synthinize it use a serenity gem ( note: s.g. ups any item a rank ) and on the top it will have a new...