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    THe official NA Secret ending theory thread.

    What do you need to do to get the secret ending, I was just wondering so that I get it.
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    Sora's Voice

    How do you people not know that Sora was 14 in the first KH...it was in the booklet in the box. I think his voice sounds fine by the way, I have no problem with it. Its only natural it would change in a year. You can kinda still tell its the same person even though the voice is deeper.
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    How far are you?

    Damn you guys sure have alot of time to lose...I am only at the end of the sixth day, I don't want to continue until I get the guide. Is there going to be anymore Roxas for the rest of the game by the way ?
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    Poll:Do you have it yet?

    I got it also, I only got up to the sixth day though. Im not trying to kill the game in a week you know, I wany to make it last. Setzer was really easy by the way, I thought he would be harder.
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    Card Thrower! Nice!!!!

    You used Metro cards huh? They are kinda light and plasticy if you ask me but blah, I guess they can still cut if you try hard enough xP.
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    Maybe they are magical cards and he will use them like Sheena did in Tales of Symphonia o_O.
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    Cid...Cid...Anyone want another Cid?

    They should just leave the Cid that was in KH1 he was the only one that was actually got into your party and that was cool out of the rest of them. I dont think any of the others will be put in because they just aren't that important.
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    Oh, well you live in Canada but in US a new game would cost $50 plus tax, and I am not paying more than that. I don't usually bother with those set things cause I never use any of the crap that comes with it.
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    I don't see how it will be $46 with tax, maybe you meant $56...? Well whatever, I wouldn't trust anyone but myself with my money though, they would spend it.
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    You are all some poor ass mofo's xD. Well, I always save my money and I try not to drop below $100 because then I...nevermind. Anyway there is still a long wait to KH2 so i am not worrying about nothing, all you people should probably save ahead of time...or something.
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    what unknown iz Your favorite?

    I dont think you would call them unknowns besides DWU since we know most of the others...Well w/e, my favorite Organization member is Lexaeus(sp?) I think his hair is cool.
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    IMDB Lists WILL TURNER and YUNA in KH2!

    I wouldnt trust Imdb if I were you...they tend to make mistakes alot. If they are right it will be pretty cool though.
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    at what level did you beat the game

    I beat the game at level 95, I was too lazy to get to 100. So I just beat it after I got the Ultima weapon.
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    Message in a bottle

    I never really understood this either...but then again I never really payed much attention to it, so that would explain that. Meh, I have no clue o-o.....
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    Xenosaga or Dark Cloud ?

    I am about to buy a new RPG and I want to buy either Xenosaga or Dark Cloud. Those of you who have played them, which one do you think is better. I will eventually get both but Im getting one for now, so I would like to know what you people think I should get first.
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    KH2: Final Mix

    They should just make it so that both of us get the same stuff so that no one gets it better.
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    Does Diz even have a weapon?

    I don't even think that he is very evil. He doesn't look like it very much. But I guess a weapon would add to his character, we also will most likely have to fight him in KH2.
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    sora vs older sora

    Yea pretty much...I dont think there was a point in making this topic it is pretty obvious...
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    card game for kh2

    I wouldn't mind it as long as it isnt necessary to play...because card games always confuse me.
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    Wouldn't You Like To See This in KH2 ??????

    It would be cool...But I doubt it would happen.