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  1. J


    Just a quick question since Ven's darkness was extracted he's basically all Light like a Princesses of Heart so now that he's technically a "Prince of Heart" do you think that'l have any affect on the next game?
  2. J

    That Guy

    I don't know if it's actually been said in tha game (I don't know japanese) but the guy Terra see's Riku turn into right before he turns into his older form is he a young Master Xehanort, the fusion Xehanort, or someone entirely different?
  3. J

    Quick Question

    So like now that TAV have new (uglier) Keyblades what happens witha first ones? I mean since Aqua's first one has been see in the Room of Sleep or watever the new name is, do they go back to the old form when the Keychain is removed or are they gonna change tha pic wit it in tha Room of Sleep...
  4. J

    The reason why Terra and Aqua are fighting

    I have no idea why they're fightin but from the looks on their faces Aqua is winning
  5. J

    Which will be the hardest?

    Ven will be tha hardest but Aqua's Magic Wish command will be tha most fun
  6. J

    Xehanort again

    So when a heartless is created tha heart gives it its own shape kinda body thing. Xehanort's Heartless kept the shape of Xehanort so why did he need Riku's body after all he was a heartless?
  7. J


    Wassup wita tha D Report? Like who wrote and why didnt they compile a more complete list of Riku's Adventure?
  8. J

    stupid whale

    if u got it ars arcanum/a deck wita bunch of cards like 3-5 since shadows on use 1's and goofy
  9. J

    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    Rockshatter is second form of Fatal Mode Ven's 4th mode is Cyclone which is the second form of Speed Rave Aqua has another mode which is tha second form of Magic Wish: Rainbow something
  10. J

    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    Lol imagine Terra with Jack Bauer's voice rofl
  11. J

    Xehanort's Heartless vs Xemnas

    Xehanort's Heartless vs Xemnas who would win? (Both in their regular state)
  12. J

    Completely Random Theory

    Just as many qualified wielders of the Keyblade there are that many Keyblades
  13. J

    Honest Question

    Alright so unlike my other threads that have been random compilations just to make y'all think differently (except my Roxas Thread) here's an actually question. Is the Door that blocks Kingdom Hearts in the Realm of Darkness meanin that the Realm surrounds it and Kingdom Hearts is in its own lil...
  14. J

    Completely Random Theory

    Wat if there's another profecy of danger that hasnt be told yet and after the events of BBS Ven just kinda disappeared as tha last Keyblade Wielder for the 10 yr gap to train and take his own kinda Master Qualification Exam only to comeback and train Sora and Riku as true Keyblade Masters. And...
  15. J

    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    Tha Best For the upcomin BBS game who do you think is gonna have tha best gameplay? Like no homo but i feel Aqua's gonna be tha best based on her Magic Wish command style
  16. J

    Riku vs Final Form Sora

    So now that Riku has reached his full potiential basically as a Keyblade Wielder and a Darkness Wielder do you think he'd still lose to Sora in a fight? (Sora would be in Final Form)
  17. J

    Possible New Game

    So basically Kingdom Hearts was actually supposed to be about Mickey as the Keyblade Hero. How likely is it then that the next game after BBS would be about (King) Mickey his training and journies up until basically Castle Oblivion? And do you think they would introduce new Keyblades for Mickey...
  18. J

    Another insight

    Someone said that the Keyblades hold the power of its master thru tha keychain or somethin (TAV's keyblades do have keychains in newer pics) so if we get techinical Terra chose Riku to be tha wielder.....i guess...we still dont actually know yet
  19. J

    Master Qualification Exam?

    Seems possible but TAv's Master wasn't the only one tryna bring tha Keyblade wielders back cuz MX was there with TAV's Master during tha test scene and he had his own apprentice and Yen Sid was workin with Mickey I guess in his tower so maybe there are more masters hidden that we dont know bout.
  20. J

    Theory: Axel's Other knew Ven

    Xigbar's somebody is gonna be in BBS