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    358/2 days SCREENSHOTS & SCANS

    Well, I was just wondering why had'nt anyone posted this up on the front page yet.
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    358/2 days SCREENSHOTS & SCANS

    Here's what I found while browsing on image search. Just in case no one posted it yet, and also because I didn't see this on the front page. http://www.houseofnintendo.com/50226711/images/disneyrpg.jpg http://www.kingdomhearts3.net/images/scan6.jpg From the looks of it, you get complete...
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion I'm going to post this SCREENSHOT of the game. just in case no one posted yet. And it's missing from the front page as well. So here's what I found while searching online... http://www.kingdomhearts3.net/images/scan6.jpg...
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    Regarding issues with Terra's name

    I have heard that Terra would be the name of one of the Knights. Unfortunately, having that name could very well clash with the concept of introducing Final Fantasy characters. Terra is the main character for Final Fantasy 6 (3 in America) and having this name for one of the Knights will mean...
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    Regarding character names and their meanings

    It has come to my attention that alot of main characters from various Final Fantasy games, have names related to nature. We see Terra from Final Fantasy 6, whose name represents nature, of some sort. Cloud, from Final Fantasy 7. A very obvious name. Squall, from Final Fantasy 8. A name that...
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    Sephiroth: Beaten at LVL1

    Just in case no one bothered to look up the same user's album: YouTube - KH2FM Sephiroth Battle ---- Lv1 No Damage I knew it from the start; Sephiroth is indeed beatable without damage. I tried it myself as well, and suffered a few hits here and there, but that was due to carelessness. So...
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    OFFICIAL square enix response to KH2 Final Mix + in US

    Seems to me the kid behind that Email reply doesn't even know what's going on in the company as well.
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Kitsune Dreams Adventure

    Hello everyone. This is probably going to be my first contribution to the fanfic section of this forum. This fanfic is part of my seriously considered Kingdom Hearts Fanservice Project at The Kingdom Hearts Fanservice Project - Home . Currently I have an illustration on the main character of...
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    The Roxas Lookalike isn't dead.

    Nomura did kill off the prince in FF12. And who knows; he might kill this one as well. But this is a DISNEY game, folks. Remember that.
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    The Roxas Lookalike isn't dead.

    First off, I would like to point out that alot of members here actually believe that the blond haired soldier had died from Blizzaga. Although we can say for sure that the keyblade he wielded actually BROKE, the BHS didn't actually break as well. If you looked at his face in the frozen state...
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    Alternative Secret Ending HQ Download

    YouTube - The full Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Secret Trailer I found this off Youtube, and this is for the fans who seem to have trouble downloading from Sendspace. The author has posted a link to Rapidshare.
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    Ultima Weapon in KH2FM+

    It has both light element and dark element that could be used against light OR dark-based enemies?
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    Ultima Weapon in KH2FM+

    Max, please make your post clearer. I can't understand what the hell you're trying to tell me. what isn't true? What no.7?
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    Ultima Weapon in KH2FM+

    Have you forgotten about the Energy Crystal that halves your Synthesis requirements?
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    Should Maleficient be an ally character? And whats her future in KH?

    Maleficient used to be this badarse villain way back in KH1. Then when KH2 came, they reduced her role to a comic relief alongside her sidekick, Pete. What's more hillariously dumb was when she stepped into Sora's and Saix's conversation regarding taking Kingdom Hearts over for herself. (She...
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    Download to Secret Ending stopped!

    I was about to download the secret ending, when unfortunately, it stopped at 99%. I checked the uRL, and it says FORBIDDEN 403. What gives? and it took a VERY LONG time to DL it in the first place.
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    Birth By Sleep

    I believe Sepheroth 1 practically nailed this one. Birth By Sleep could very well mean "birth of the keyblade master" their dreams. Sora got his keyblade from dreaming of it. Roxas got his own from entering the dream stage. Riku probably had the same. So basically, we're almost forgetting about...
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    Outrageously shocking Theory on the Secret Ending-Years into the future?

    I have a theory to point out regarding the Secret Ending, according to my research and observations on the game. The setting for the Trailer could very well be set FAR into the Future, say 30-50 years or so. The crossroads seen in the trailer shows alot of keyblades, and the grass that once...
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    UTADA HIKARU- Possible theme song for KH3?

    RADIO.BLOG.CLUB Sorry for posting this here, I'm just spreading awareness here. Does anyone wonder what kind of Song Utada Hikaru's going to sing for the upcoming game? I listened to Making Love, and this one's a winning promise. But what do you think? Does this song suit the KH feel? And...
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    Utada Hikaru- Making Love

    RADIO.BLOG.CLUB This is a new song from Utada's latest album, Ultra Blue. This song is amazing! It almost looks as if it's suited for a KH theme song! The lyrics are also good, and not as dirty as the title sounds. Listen to it guys! This is my present to you!