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    Fanfiction ► One Last Time

    Alright...well..um...I guess....Here ya go! x "Hi guys..um..am I interupting anything?" Riku quickly jumped up and regained control of his senses. Hiding his shock and surprise at her arrival, he shook his head. "Nah,"he said, keeping his cool,"We were just saying how good it was to be...
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    Fanfiction ► One Last Time

    {Ok..this is my first attempt at writing a KH fanfic...and I know the chapters and such are short..but I will add more. Intro: I know it is weird at first and I kinda Stop at the end of it, but I'll add more... Um...enjoy..(or dont...whatever) :3 Comments are appreciated.} x For three...
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    Fanfiction ► Yoru wo Kakeru//Kingdom Hearts

    This is a very good writing, I think. There were a few grammatical errors, but other then that.... I like it. Keep it up, please. ~KoD
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    Change One Letter

    The object is to change one letter ONLY, and make a new word. You can drop a letter or add a letter, but only change one thing. You have to keep it going until no one can make another word. You CANNOT play off of your own word. NO PROPER NOUNS AND NO ACRONYMS ALLOWED! Each word played must be...
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    *~Teh Movie Game~*

    Think of a movie that starts with the letter at the end of the post above you. Example: First Person - Pirates of the CaribbeaN Second Person - Night at the MuseuM Third Person - Miss CongenialitY - - - - I'LL START - - - - School For ScoundrelS
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    Fanfiction ► short one

    lol Inappropriate...... bad!
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    Lets Start A Riot!!!

    I cannot get the song out of my head. Lets sing-------- If you feel so empty So used up so let down If you feel so angry So ripped off so stepped on You're not the only one Refusing to back down You're not the only one So get up Let's start a riot, a riot Let's start a riot Let's start a...
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    The Unofficial Official Drive Fanclub

    Ever seen Drive? It is a new series on Fox. Here is a run-down- It’s a genre-bending Fox hourlong about seemingly ordinary people – a Nebraska landscaper, an abused new mother, an Iraq vet and his girlfriend, a young paroled convict and his rich-kid half-brother, an astrophysicist and...
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    I'm on a distinguished road.

    lol. that's what it says when you go over my little green rep box.
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    No Troop Protection.

    Self explanitory. Americans have no protection here if Iraq or China or some other country with big guns try and come here. Bush has them in Iraq.
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    Help/Support ► Alright...Here we go....*deep breath* HHHHHHEEEELLLLPPPP!!!

    I have been texting with him for the past half hour and now we are dating. topic closed.
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    Gothic Souls Fanclub

    This is a fanclub for anyone GOTHIC. Not EMO. Many people believe there isn't any real difference. But there is a difference. Emo people are people who cut themselves and expect sympathy. I'm not saying the emo people are bad; I just dont like 'em. Anywayz, welcome to Gothic Souls. If you...
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    Gothic vs Emo

    Pretty self-explanitory. I myself am gothic. To me, emo's are just cheap imatations of gothics. DISCUSS.
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    Help/Support ► Alright...Here we go....*deep breath* HHHHHHEEEELLLLPPPP!!!

    Alright the parts about "All it is is that he knows...what could happen????" NO ONE AT SCHOOL FREAKIN KNOWS!!!! I need a plan of action, people!