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    Play as Riku?

    THAT WOULD BE SO :cursing: AWSOME!!! Playin' as Riku! That would be so fun...That "Protect Sora From Xemnas" mission was lame... But Riku in Re: CoM would be :drool:
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    KH: CoM manga from Tokyo Pop

    It is almost time. Time for the Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories manga, that is!!!:thumbsup: Click this link for more... http://www.tokyopop.com/S-1682/1.html Is it supposed 2 B on October 10th?
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    For those of you who...

    For those of you who have beat the game, what the heck did Siax mean when he asked sora, "Can you hear their euphoria?" when their KH was almost ready, before you fight Xigbar?
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    Should there be KH3?

    OK. Don't be mad @ me for the first thing. That was a simple mistake.:D I'm not that kind of person. At least I am apoligizing. But, will there B a KH3? Hope so!
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    who thinks GTX is a son of a *langauge*

    Yeah, yeah. Keep talking. It doesn't rival KHI! :mad: KHI is awsome too. And if you try to edit this, I don't give a shit to u, GTX. Oh wait. That should be : GayTuxwearinXFreak!
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    My site

    Of kingdom hearts 1, CoM, and 2! It's awsome and so is the series! I wish Sora had 3 keyblade-weilding action... *No Advertisement* is it! I WISH THE KEYBLADE WAS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -GTX