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    To import or not to import?

    That is the question. THIS IS NOT A THREAD ASKING HOW TO IMPORT. I'm seriously considering importing Final Mix+. However, I am not fluent in Japanese and the new cutscenes are some of the main reasons for my wanting the game. And I'm too lazy to go to gamefaqs and get a translation or...
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    Organization XIII Data Battles

    Wait, so...the data battles are on easy, but ES isn't? Is that it?
  3. K

    Organization XIII Data Battles

    Are they only in Critical mode? I hope not, because I know I'll be playing the game on easy. :P
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    kh2:final mix sora's abilities translated

    Well, the reason for his HP not going up as much may be because you're playing/watching Critical Mode, in which the maximum amount of HP obtainable is the circle ending in a 90 degree angle below his head.
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    If You Care Anything About An American Kh2fm Look At This Now

    The new scenes have Japanese voice acting.
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    when did it happened.........?

    Nah, the "Kingdom Hearts" at the end was only saying that to identify the series, not the time period from KHI. Heh, watch the KHIII intro be like this: E.S. (talking to Ven): I've been to see him. He looks a lot like you.
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    Shadowy figure in KH2 not the same as KH2FM

    Yeah, dude, come on, it was just an edit in the video that they forgot to do for the first one.