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    What other Character would u fuse with Sora?

    *fantasy runs wild* Cloud, Light-form - Cus both were searching for their 'light' (that will be 1 huge keyblade :P) Riku or BHK, Friend-form - Friends 4 life (my guess) 2 KeyBlade wielders XP Axel, Org-form The KeyBlade Will also be fused with Axel's weapon, thus creating A KeyBlade with...
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    something about trailer

    I think the girl looks A bit like Selphie from FF8. (my opinion)
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    Where's Sephiroth in KH2 ?

    First of all PLZ don't flame me I haven't been on this site 4 a long time ... But Since I've seen scans where Cloud and Leon (squall) are Back-to-Back I've been wondering Will Sephiroth Come Back too ? Cuz everytime Cloud showed up somewhere, Sephiroth was there 2. So I'm begining to wander...
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    Where's Aerith?

    I don't really know where she is, her role in KH1 wasn;t THAT big.. Maybe they thought that they could leave her out for some reason. Who Knows ?_? (Nomura does (-_-") )
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    bhk playable

    Cool !! I haven't been on the site for some time I ... I LOVE the idea to play as BHK !!
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    COM manga

    A manga is A comic from japan ... mostly with huge eyes ... if ya still don't know, search the internet ... baka ... -_-;;
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    sora vs riku who will win?

    the two of them fight for 3 WHOLE days at full strenght ... And then the final Attack !! It ends in ... A Double KO !!
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    Ultimate Hits versions

    Re: weird item OK what I can say about this items: 1st link: it seems to be the japanese version of KH1 ... 2nd link: looks like it is Final mix ... is says so on the cover .. to bad the game is probaly in japanese and can't be played on most PS2 *sob sob* (why wont they make KH:final...
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    The number of Final Fantasy Characters

    Umm Fujin and Rajin were in FF8 dummy :p And about the FF count ... We;ll know when it comes out.. But I can't wait !!!!!! XD
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    Something noticed

    If ya don't care why do ya post ?
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    i have no idea, need opinions

    I think what goofy meant was that Sora and Jack Lool-a-like A bit ... But no REAL connection ... And about the Axel/Sora thingy . . . We just have to wait to know for sure ... *starts cryin' cuz I can't wait ny longer*
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    ??? The Man behind the key:

    hey good theory XD besides I was lookin forward to seei'n Cloudy-boy again :P It dosen't matter how he looks :D (PS, what is a cameo :S )
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    Look-a-Like? 0.0

    haha nobbies have all n00b-vision :P But i think they they look-a-like A bit ...
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    KH2 GIF's (animated thingies)

    How do you make those GIF's ?? Can ya tell me ? :confused:
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    Why did You choose your name ?

    Ok I know i posted this in the wrong section, so plz don't flame me Ok What made you pic the nic-name you're using on this site ... I choose my nic-name after seein a picture of Sephiroth Usin make-up And wearin A dress, And he was also good lookin :P *giggles* :p
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    A question that would make us al think!

    I agree with the above ...
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    What are YOU gonna do if ...

    If Kingdom Hearts 2 Will be Awful instead of Wonderfull !! Will you never play it again or will ya throw it in the trash ?? Or sumthin else ... (not likley)
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    The end of kingdom hearts 2

    Whoot Whoot !! KH3 !! Now lat's only hope the wait will be shorten tahn this time -_-"
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    Kairi Is How Much Old?

    So whatof this is nonsense It's really funny !!! Btw, I really hope Sora doesn't get a girly voice like Ash in pokemon, came across it while searcin sunthin to wacht earlier on the telly :P
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    Kingdom Hearts Resemblance

    Um the pic's do work on my PC ... I see what ya are trin to say... That Sion guy and Sora look A bit alike, mostly the clothin' the head i guess too... To bad I don't own that game to see of they're personality is alike :P But hey, maybe the KH creators were the same ? And had no inspiration XD