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    SRK in Super Smash Bros!

    I was just wondering... What if Sora was in Super Smash bros would he make a worthy opponent or playable character? I think so P: What do you guys think? I think it would be cool to beat mario up with the keyblade! And you could use Riku as well and even kairi (although not sure what she could...
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    Which kh guy has the coolest style of clothing?

    Chains and a hooded shirt lay upon Sora's<3 back. straps across the chest and baggy pants mark Riku. A dark as night robe and a silhoutted face spell out Organization members. Who has the best sense of kh wear? feel free to discuss.
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    If you could go on vacation anywhere in the kh universe where would you go and what would you do?

    There's the sandy white beaches of Destiny Islands, The dreary alleys of the World That Never Was, The underwater kingdom of Atlantica and many more unique vacaton spots in the kh universe! The opinions of the forum members matter <3 Discuss freely.
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    Who's the hottest hunk in the kh universe?

    from Riku to Cloud! you can't deny that the kh andthe final fantasy franchises developed some pretty cute characters! So now its up to the forum to decide who is the hotest! Any other unmentioned hotties can be discussed!
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    who's the hottest hunk in the KH universe?

    From riku to cloud! you can't deny that kh and the final fantasy franchise developed some pretty cute characters. so now its up to the forum to decide who is the hottest! any other unmentioned hotties can be discussed!
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    connections from a standpoint

    as i said. similarfacepalm besides that hairstyle is derived from the original pic
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    connections from a standpoint

    i believe these theories are most logical: terra/xehanort ven/sora/van -same voice actor for sora in japan played vanitas' voice, this should be a give-away. -coincidence? yeah the fuck right!! Also explains why mx is messing around with terra and knows so much about him. p.s. the hairstyle is a...
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    Future of KH

    days marked the beginning of side-story potential, the kh franchise has just begun