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    Wow, that was actually kind of predictable..except for the whole Ven/Van fusion thing. I mean, I knew there would be a connection but..what? As soon as I get a patch for my cfw I'll be playing too..maybe with the rest of us playing we can shed more light on the unversed and vague character...
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    Website Updated!

    If I remember right, when the subtitles pop up as Saix and Axel are talking, Saix calls Axel by his full beings name, Lea, but in Katakana it is written Ri-A. (L's and R's are interchangeable.) Becauseif u pronounce it the way its spelled You'd be calling axel's somebody Leia, ya know, like...
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    All aboard the dickship.

    So I was about to start making an AMV, when I found a video I got from KHVids.net. (Figured I might as well plug them in the beginning of this so I don't forget.) I found the fight with Ansem SoD at the end, ya know, the one on the giant dickship. I hadn't brawled with him in a while so when...
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    ven knew he would be reincarnated?

    True, but the way Xigbar describes the connection between Roxas and 'him' 'the way he handles the Keyblade, it's all exactly the same,' you wouldn't be able to compare two people to being so closely related unless you have seen them. Thing is, we know there is a connection between Braig and...
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    ven knew he would be reincarnated?

    While that could be true, Xigbar never met Sora until after Roxas and Sora became one. And Xiggy has met Ven before..
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    ven knew he would be reincarnated?

    Forgive me if this has been drawn to the light of the forums before, but I was hoping I made a breakthrough and not just missed someonelse's post. I know reincarnation isn't really the best word for this, but I can't really think of a vague enough word to be used. Ven and Roxas most likely...
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    Did you waste your money?

    Are you insulting the power that is card games? Slifer the Executive Producer will be very mad! lol But seriously, It's not that bad if you get the hang of it, its really fun if you get all the sleights, but since you're not playing it, get on your computer machine and watch someone perform all...
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    I wonder...Relatives?

    Kairi doesn't live on the island, I think its the third day of Roxas' time in Virtual Twilight Town he talks to Kairi in his head (don't remember how, powers of memories and connections and what not) but Kairi says that she won't return to the Island until she remembers Sora's name.
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    Who Do You Want To Voice MX?

    3. Liam Neeson! MX: But what i do have are a very particular set of skills, skills i have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my DS go now, that'll be the end of it. but if you don't, i will look for you, I will find you. I will...
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    Vexen's laugh

    His english VA is the same as the digimon emperor so i'm kinda used to evil laughs from him..although, if he ever creepy laughed as Shino on Naruto, i'd probably crap myself..according to his wikipedia page, Derek Prince also voiced Elgar in power rangers turbo too..XD
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    Who Do You Want to Voice T and A?

    I'm actually really scared to find out who gets the rolls for Terra and Aqua (I'm hoping Jesse will do Ven). Think about it, new Namine's and new Kairi's VA's both came from Disney. Camp Rock if I'm not mistaken..I hope I don't jinx it by saying this, but theres a VERY scary possibility that...
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    Opening of BBS?

    of course ther is a reason why they look the same, there was a good reason why Xion looked like Kairi too. But they weren't directly connected.
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    Opening of BBS?

    In the Birth By Sleep Trailer, the blond guy who looks just like Roxas, or should I say that Roxas looks exactly like, is Ventus. there are entirely too many people who think Roxas is Ven's reincarnation of some sort, but I think there is more to it.
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    Opening of BBS?

    Not too long didn't Utada say she wasn't going to do any more songs for Kingdom Hearts because Disney didn't pay? I don't know how you can have a Kingdom Hearts game without an epic Utada song in there somewhere..maybe the credits will be a timeskip to show Sora and the opening to KH1? Quick...
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    Possibility in Ven/Roxas Connection

    i can't remember if that was ever proved or just an assumption, but now that i think of it, it was probably in one of the secret ansem reports, but theres so many holes in my idea, i don't dignify it to be a theory. XD just want to get minds off the idea of what looks obvious. god i can't spell
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    Possibility in Ven/Roxas Connection

    its not beyond the series to say someones appearance can be affected by memories, but after the last curve ball Nomura threw at us, I'm going to say that Ven has a closer connection to riku. I have no proof really but wouldn't it be interesting if Riku idolized Ven and the reason Roxas looks...
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    final mix ability confusion

    I can read katakana and hiragana..if its in that, go for it and i'll try to translate..
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    Terra, Xehanort, and Saix

    thats a bit of a stretch, but i don't remember anyone guessing xion was a sora replica. I'd say Nomura wants to confuse us. So I'd also say that theory could work. I believe that Saix's somebody will play an important roll in BBS (if its not Terra), and hopefully Lea too.
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    BBS Comand Deck Theroy

    thanks, i always have trouble with the tsu kana and the ones that all look the same. i just figured the keyblade was called fire bliss (as to why the name of the keyblade would be in the battle screen never donned on me how pointless it'd be, lol) , but fire blitz makes WAY more sense..lol
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    BBS Comand Deck Theroy

    not sure how helpful it is, but the text boxes say something like: Fire Bliss Thunder blizzard (the 3 or four in a line i can't see all) Attack, (cut off), Finish (in blue) Hope thats useful to someone.