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    Then wat the keyblade in secret ending do we even know if wtd was made maybe riku found it never know but the keyblade in secret ending is obviously wtd.
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    Have anyone seen this?

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    I hate theories on the 14th member ____________________________________________________________________________ ——————/´ ¯/) —————--/—-/ —————-/—-/ ———--/´¯/'--'/´¯`·_ ———-/'/--/—-/—--/¨¯\ ——--('(———- ¯~/'--') ———\————-'—--/ ———-'\'————_-·´ ————\———--( ————-\———--\
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    Terra and the power of the Keyblade

    It's not a question of the keyblade having different powers. The DtD needs to be sealed on both sides, by both a dark realm keyblade and light realm on. Ok so if sora has a light keyblade mickey has the dark that means riku has twilight. No clue why im s aying this im just bored.
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    Possible Number XIV Identity -EVIDENCE!!-

    well you don't play as cloud or leon either so that has nothign to do with aqua. SO there is not much of a chnace of aqua bweing the 14th member does it matter why can't it just be a new character.
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    Possible Number XIV Identity -EVIDENCE!!-

    then why in the secret ending was her skin about as white as a sheet that has nothing to do with lighting.
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    Possible Number XIV Identity -EVIDENCE!!-

    that;s possibility but nomura said that the 14th member is an entirely new character and since we already know about awua she's not technically a new character and in the 14th member pic u can see that the 14th member and aqua have to entirely diferent skin tones so aqua being the 14th member...
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    Kingdom Hearts ll & Kingdom Hearts ll Final Mix+ Discussion

    khfmix isn't coming to US it's been like a year and it will have a low buying rates so there's no point in the chance bringing it to the US so just give up.
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    The "I beat KH2" thread

    Bite me~! (25 characters rule )
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    The "I beat KH2" thread

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    New better theory

    I have no clue why i wrote that i just wanted to see wat ppl would do -.- i think i should have said this a long time ago
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    The REAL bad guys of KH2

    the organization was only trying to get there hearts back at any means and sora stopped them for no reason and it's not the organizations fault there nobodies and sora just went off on a killing spree. i mean sora is evil.
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    Release Date of KH2 Final Mix+

    The chances are slim to none we gto till christmas then were done
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    Been thinking long time

    OMG!! they aint really connected they look alike Roxas is empty shell of a person with no emotions ven is connected to sora not roxas bc roxas is part of sora
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    Been thinking long time

    we don't even know if ven is a keylade master we see him use a big weapon not technically a keyblade and so what if he could hold a keyblade those three keyblades mickeys,kingdom,and way to dawn had no masters so anyone could take them Ven probably just has similar looks to roxas bc roxas...
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    About the EXP ZERO ability

    does anyone else know this but to level up valor first time u level up in disney castle after u fight in the big room u come back out and fight the hearless out there and your jump levels up
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    KH1 is definetly not harder than KH2

    i played kh2 first i just grabbed it i heard of it a litttle bit then i got kh1 and the disc got scrarched so after i finished peter pan level i got sent to castle oblivion then it went and stopped and then it went booom
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    Final Mix+ in ENGLISH?!?!?!

    Oh god not the not all :thumbdown: -__________________________-
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    Who maxed there level?

    i used my little friend armax and maxed out everything but when i fought Seipheroth my health went wwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down
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    No flamming

    hades u don't know eerything even though u didn't say it it's implied and u can't tell ppl that there wrong bc u don't know either u have a factual guess which could be wrong and we don't know still if it won't come out we have the rest of this year and until june of 2008 i's say ( guess )