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  1. Hoarse_Phuqer

    How is magic affected in critical mode?

    I just started replaying the game in crit and am really enjoying it, but it seems magic has been massively nerfed :( It sucks because I really enjoyed having a magic build for Sora the first time around. Admittedly I'm only halfway through Toy Box at the moment, but does your MP meter grow at...
  2. Hoarse_Phuqer

    Now that everyone(except Sora) is back in the realm of light, what would you like to see?

    I mean anything, from little character interactions, to possible plot points and anything that you think would help add some fun, color and depth to the characters we've all come to care for. I personally would like to see Kairi and Namine having some one on one time. It's way overdue that we...
  3. Hoarse_Phuqer

    My baseless conspiracy theory on why KH3 was so dang easy

    2006. KH2 releases to the delight of fans everywhere. Disney doesn't pay it much mind as they mostly see it as a niche game for weebs. Still, it makes money and are content to let Nomura run loose so long as he can bring the profits. Fast forward some 10+ years. Disney's power and influence has...
  4. Hoarse_Phuqer

    On how the ending of KH1 left a lot of people stranded

    We learn that those who lose their worlds to the Heartless but not their hearts themselves will make their way to Traverse Town. Sora restored the worlds at the end of the first game and with them, the people whose hearts were consumed by the Heartless. What happened to the people of Traverse...
  5. Hoarse_Phuqer

    Does anyone else miss the 'call for help' button in KH1?

    You know what I'm talking about, that little mechanic where you would press triangle and your companions would rush in to your aid? Didn't matter if you were swarmed by heartless... didn't matter if all of you were in critical condition, no magic or facing down a superboss, Donald and Goofy...
  6. Hoarse_Phuqer

    Has anyone mastered the egg cracking minigame?

    The mere thought of it fills me with despair and after dozens of fruitless attempts and wasted ingredients I though I might as well ask people who know more. I didn't have an issue with the simpler recipes but the more expert ones are just frustrating. My question is, does it matter how hard...
  7. Hoarse_Phuqer

    What happened to the heartless after KH 3

    Sephiroth is a prime candidate as one of the future master of the heartless. I kinda had this fantasy that we would get a dlc featuring the Final Fantasy characters in their own mission where they go after Sephiroth, who has started messing around with heartless by having them consume the hearts...
  8. Hoarse_Phuqer

    On why Xion never fully regained her friendship with Roxas and Lea

    Yes I remember very well how Lea had a sudden flashback of Xion in the timeless world, and of the trio's reunion on the Graveyard. The thinking here is that, while Xion fully remembered the events of 358/2 days, Roxas and Lea still don't know who she is, much less have any memories of her at...
  9. Hoarse_Phuqer


    Honestly I think it may be veering into creepy territory. When you consider that hearts can be made from data, as shown when dark Baymax showed up, it's only a matter of time before someone puts two and two together and start creating life from nothing. Hell, what's to stop anyone from making a...
  10. Hoarse_Phuqer

    For Those Who Say Kairi is Useless

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2pIG6DSNRI&lc=z22wfdzwbqzrc14rt04t1aokgctlxafrffjzsdjba5u1rk0h00410.1550803838541666 Considering we're looking at the female equivalent of a level 40 Sora from KH1, she actually did pretty good. Hopefully we get some DLC where we can play as her and Lea.
  11. Hoarse_Phuqer

    Wishful Thinking: Understanding Kairi and her future in the series and just overall venting

    I partially agree. Girl definitely needs more training but the time forest is probably not the best way to do it. If that was the sole solution, she wouldn't have gone out with a whimper when Xemnas manhandled her. Yen Sid said time was meaningless in the world, which you can interpret as Lea...
  12. Hoarse_Phuqer

    Wishful Thinking: Understanding Kairi and her future in the series and just overall venting

    Frankly I'm pissed at how Nomura shat on her character. Given a keyblade, check. Training for the final battle, check. Sharing a paopu with Sora, check. Taking part in the culminating struggle the series has been building towards from day one, check. There is no justifiable reason for this kind...
  13. Hoarse_Phuqer

    Someone please explain to me the whole deal with Xion and Roxas being a replica

    So I know that by the game's logic, you need a heart and an empty replica to make near perfect people. My question is that how in the hell did Roxas came into being since the empty replica was at Radiant Garden late in the game and Roxas' heart was resting inside Sora throughout the whole...