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    Back Cover Music Recreation

    Nice job! is it possible for you to do the same with the music playing at the case of Luxu because that is supposed to be masters theme
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    If you are interested in the Japanese Preorder bonus for Kingdom Hearts 2.8

    Thanks for sharing this info man, I really wanted those and happy i could get them now!
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    Mystery box theory!

    Yeah, I totally forgot the fact that it was heavy.. but xehanort knowing what is written in the book is confusing af maybe Ava passed down her book of prophecy to ephemera (he was so into it too) or skuld before they flew to other worlds Guess we just have to wait for the second season of khx...
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    Mystery box theory!

    We know that the master of masters did not give Luxu a book of prophecies if Luxu is or one of his apprentices is the master of xehanort How come xehanort even know about the book and how does he know the line "on that land shall darkness prevail and light expire" which is written in the book...
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    [SPOILER] Full Back Cover in English!!!!

    BUFFER BUFFER BUFFER BUFFER BUFFER BUFFER . . . . The master actually whispered to Luxu what was in the box so Luxu probably wouldn't have opened it and he said "you'll see" for Luxu asking why and not like you'll see what is inside
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    Black Coaty/Master of Master's Intentions

    seriously, is there a explanation on what the black coat is/why characters wear that? why is this master of masters even wearing that? how did characters in the current timeline even get it or know about it?
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    Black Coaty/Master of Master's Intentions

    xehanort not being the most bad guy in this saga will not be a big surprise cuz he only appeared in 2 games out of 6 and he even had nothing to do with the actual two main games (kh1 and kh2, i know bbs was a big one but yet..) they built his character deeply in bbs but some people who are...
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    Black Coaty/Master of Master's Intentions

    master of masters could have took over 6th guys body because he couldnt become a keyblade master by unable to control the darkness in his heart whereas the other 5 became masters and eventually fortellers im saying he took over his body because xehanort took terras body where terra couldnt...
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    master of masters is xehanort! (theory)

    soo.. when mx took over terras body, we know that he lost his memories xehanorts keyblade has a animal symbol and a blue eye so we can assume that it is the 6th apprentices keyblade or something.. ever wondered how the hell that keyblade was hanging around in the place where yx and yme talking...
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    someone clear my doubt!!!

    so mx took over terras body in bbs and then he lost memories and became xehanort (terra-xehanort) then how da hell did he become mx again in dds???