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    What would Xion's title be?

    I recall a fanfiction where someone gave her the title "the Key of Oblivion." In-story, Xion suspected that Xemnas gave her that title just so she'd be as similar to Roxas as he could get her to be.
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    What would Xion's title be?

    Xion, the Reflection of Memory, perhaps? Or how about "The Original Replica?" She was made before Repliku (and initially I thought her being "No. i" as being the first replica). Hmm, thinking of her origins, what about "the Imagined" or something similar?
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    Things you Like/Disliked about 358/2 days

    My "R" button has practically broken by now. I have to ream on it repeatedly just to get it to work, and even then it sometimes doesn't. I would have definitely preferred it if they had instead made it L+R to lock on.
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    The Order of XIV (Number subject to change) Sign-ups and OOC

    This is a story of how things could have been different for Organization XIII if, instead of being "Kingdom Hearts justifies the means" about everything, were heroes earning every heart in Kingdom Hearts by helping out. KH1 remains the same, and the only interference was when Xemnas decided to...
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    Things you Like/Disliked about 358/2 days

    I rather enjoyed most of the game, but one of the things I most intensely disliked was the lack of speaking lines for the King. It was Mr. Allwine's last recording for Mickey and he only got the Hah!s and Ho!s and whatnots of battling using him in Mission Mode! I also agree with keyking on quite...
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    The 'Challenge Mission' Discussion Thread

    I intensly dislike "No Attack Magic" restrictions, because I enjoy using Thundaga! all the time, but I'm only at 30% completion with 78 Challange Emblems.
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    What's your Panel?

    My primary panel set up (I have three tabs, third one six spaces from being full) is as follows: Tab one: Level Doubler (6) (full) Level Doubler (6) (full) Level Doubler (5) (three levels attached) Level Tripler (4) (full) Limit Boost Final Limit Dodge Roll (3) (Dodging Deflect and Dodge Rush...
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    Fanfiction ► Looking for an old KH fic...

    I wasn't sure of where else to put this, but if it should be somewhere else, feel free to move it. I'm looking for an old Kingdom Hearts fanfic from way back when KH:CoM was new, yet we had previews of KHII. I don't remember the name, author or number of chapters, but there are a few...
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    The Ultimate Digimon

    It has been two years since the defeat of Armageddemon and four since Malomyotismon has been destroyed. The dig destined, both the original team and the new group, have travelled to the Digital World to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first adventure. They have set up a big party at...
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    FAQ: How to Beat Sephiroth

    I have a little trick that helped me a ton: With Leaf Bracer equipped, cast Curaga just before "Descend Heartless Angel" (he says it so much clearer now) connects, and you might still lose all your MP, but you'll have full HP instead of just 1. When he uses it before your MP recovers, is when...
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    Digimon Adventure Zero One-Point-Five

    I'll try this thingy again. This is a Digimon Adventure story. One that could have happened (Not really, but otherwise it wound't be much of an RP, would it?). This takes place two years after the battle against Apocalymon. Rules: -No Goddmodding -choose your partner from the list here...
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    California Digivice Diaries

    This thread is for those who signed up in the Digimon Adventures RP thread. Characters: -Goggle-boy: Shadic the Hedgehog (Jyou Makimachi, partner: Nekodramon, Talisman of Balance) -Troubled Soul(?): MeilinII (Meilin Kimura(?), partner: Renamon, Talisman of Honour) -Phobic: Spectre of Haven...
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    Digimon Adventure RP

    This is a Digimon Adventure story. One that could have happened (Not really, but otherwise it wound't be much of an RP, would it?). These are the tales of another Digidestined team's journey through a world they did not know. Join us, and see what happens. Rules: -No Goddmodding -choose your...
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    Levels Before u Left Destiny Island

    My first time, I was on level 10 and I had cleared the entire island of Shadows (I could walk anywhere on there and wouldn't run into a Shadow).
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    FF summons?

    I really hope Lord Bahamut at least makes an APPEARANCE. But it would be sweet if you could summon him.
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    Titans Middle

    You know of Titans West (the originals) and Titans East, here's a new team started in the Midwest (the west coast of Lake Michigan). There they have their own villains to face and even have communications with the other Titans. The Team: Sylex Aquagirl Pixxer Elementalist Zander My char. Code...
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    Unreality Show!

    I'm back after a long period of internet problems! Welcome to Unreality TV! Where unreal characters such as Mario and Vegeta attempt to work together and not be cast out of the house! I'm inviting everybody in to be whatever characters they want and even one person to be the host (I'd rather...
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    Via Infinito

    I need some help. I'm going down the Via Infinito in X-2 and I keep geeting killed by Elder Drakes. Anyone have a hint for me? Like what level I should be on, what Class I should be, anything like that?
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    Final Fantasy: Call of Apocalypse

    A friend of mine helped come up with this one. This was an idea for the final Final Fantasy. There will be all the old characters (sort of), all the old summons (every form), some new summons, and definately boss battles. There will be ONE non-FF world, and that's KH Three children from this...
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    Dragonball AU

    When people are born who were never meant to be, entire universes can change. That is the idea behind Dragonball Altered Universe. We'll be starting at the Saiyan Saga (the beginning of DBZ) and if you want to join, you must put in your part of the story as well as the template. Any race...