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  1. ActingDude17

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread - Home of David Tennant & Drake Bell Speculation! I wonder if it might be Edward James Olmos? Disney worked with him on 2017's Coco​. I need to dive into his work a bit before making this guess with any confidence though.
  2. ActingDude17

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread - Home of David Tennant & Drake Bell Speculation! As a theatre professional who has listened to Idina's voice for hundreds of hours over the past twelve or so years and seen her live, I can say with 99% confidence the KH3 VA is not her. Even in Menzel's...
  3. ActingDude17

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation This is my current prediction: Hercules Toy Story Monsters, Inc. Tangled Big Hero 6 Frozen The Jungle Book The Hunchback of Notre Dame Treasure Planet Edited to include original worlds and outline my predicted structure for...
  4. ActingDude17

    Famitsu 4/5 Translations! OP UPDATED

    The wry laughter just never gets old.
  5. ActingDude17

    KH3D Impressions from Famitsu Weekly

    Oh man. If we see Xion's "death" scene in highly-rendered CGI I think I'll lose it.:frown:
  6. ActingDude17

    [Spoilers] Two theories I had for DDD (easily 1 of my longest posts).

    Could someone tie these Kairi theories into the shot we got of her with HPO at the Old Mansion in the Birth by Sleep -Volume Two- video?
  7. ActingDude17

    Cloaked figure in Blank Points?

    You can tell it's Ansem the Wise when the camera does some narrow shots of his face area.
  8. ActingDude17

    Don't remember this at all.

    Perhaps it was in an early trailer but removed from the game.
  9. ActingDude17

    Could this theory actually work?

    It's an interesting theory, but at the time of KHII, not much of BBS was fleshed out. Nomura-san has said as much. Obviously, the concept of previous Keyblade-wielders was there, what with Xigbar's comment to Sora of "You don't look like you're half the hero the others were." However, I don't...
  10. ActingDude17

    Evidence that MF is a nobody

    At the very beginning of Birth by Sleep, a young Master Xehanort stares off the beach of Destiny Islands and says the world is too small. He returns there to leave the comatose Ven. Perhaps that's what you're thinking of.
  11. ActingDude17

    Namine confusion

    This, and Master Eraqus gave Aqua the secret to the Land of Departure, and she made it Castle Oblivion herself.
  12. ActingDude17

    Confusion regarding a scene in Blank Points

    As others have said, that section of Blank Points is figurative. The same things you said about Terra and Ven can be said about Roxas and Xion, etc. The scenes are there to state that there are many people suffering who Sora must save.
  13. ActingDude17

    Dream Drop Distance at TGS 2011

    Has anyone considered that Square Enix may be listening to fans' complaints of knowing too much about a game too early, therefore being forced to wait for the actual game for years on end?
  14. ActingDude17

    358/2 Days joins Square-Enix's Ultimate Hits budget line.

    Not directly, but it could boost sales, if only temporarily. That's always good.
  15. ActingDude17

    Re:coded English Secret Ending

    Re: coded English Secret Ending I like this idea. Having Braig and maybe another apprentice or two staying with Xehanort might add some depth to the concept. The former comrades would have to deal with being on the opposition of those they used to work with. If anything, it would be neat to see.
  16. ActingDude17

    KH 3DS hoping

    I love you. Will you please marry me or something?
  17. ActingDude17

    BBS v2?

    First, if the mystery game isn't BBSV2, then please tell me what it is. Second, what is the title "Birth by Sleep -Volume Two-" supposed to mean at the end of BBSFM's secret episode? "Birth by Sleep -Volume Two- (but not really)"?
  18. ActingDude17

    The Gathering

    With not just one or two, but all three characters ending up where they did, I have a hard time saying this is a coincidence.
  19. ActingDude17

    MF broke my PSP

    Your PSP should break Mysterious Figure, broski.
  20. ActingDude17

    Why nobody wants BBSv2 go to NGP?

    I bought a PSP for BBS and might get a 3DS because it looks like a cool system, but purchasing an NGP is going to have to be where I draw the line.