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  1. Z

    What struck you as odd?..

    I had a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with the world Monstro. That world was fuckin confusing at times. I guess the world itself is kinda odd o.O chillin in a whale intestines.
  2. Z

    What's Wrong with Pridelands?

    Yea I agree. Just something about the disney worlds in kh2 felt so..disconnected and had shitty flow. As Sora said at some point in KH2.."Seems like we're just always passing through..blahblah" well..yea >> kinda are.
  3. Z

    What's Wrong with Pridelands?

    I thought the Mulan world was really really boring.
  4. Z

    What's Wrong with Pridelands?

    Ah, right. Atlantica then Mulan. for me >>
  5. Z

    What's Wrong with Pridelands?

    It was..just meh. I was SO excited for the Pride land world, and I just expected more from it. Story was too rushed and just ew. The world itself was just kinda bland. I did like how Sora moved as a Lion cub though. I didn't think it was the worst one, I personally thought the Mulan world was...
  6. Z

    NA demo

    I agree. @_@ I highly doubt there will be a demo.
  7. Z

    You're playing the game wrong.

    Compared to KH..I think KH2 was more button-mashy. >>
  8. Z

    What struck you as odd?..

    That story/tutorial/blah blah is the main reason why I did not start a new slot in KH2 as many times as I did kh, I just did not want to sit through that mess over and over x.x should be able to skip it once you go through it once
  9. Z

    What struck you as odd?..

    I thought that was weird too. Like more so Sora typing with one frikin finger like a moron. XD I was like does he not know how to use any technology? I find it weird how frikin jacked Riku is compared to Sora. Sora fights every second but does not seem to gain any muscle
  10. Z

    What struck you as odd?..

    XD that was so creepy looking I thought hahah. The crazy growth spurt that Riku had compared to everyone else.
  11. Z

    Will BBS get censored?

    They censored some stuff in KH2..mostly in the pirates of the Caribbean world. I mean if it's T then that's cool I guess, I don't know if they would make it T though..i think it's possible.
  12. Z

    Japanese Birth by Sleep Review

    Nice review. ugh looks so awesome >>
  13. Z

    BBS did better than Mario games (in BbS's opening weekend)

    I just did not like the gamaplay and just wasn't too fond of it. That's my personal opinion.
  14. Z

    R.I.P Capes.

    They did look a little bit more cool with them
  15. Z

    NA release date?

    Well... if it's released in september..that's just in time for my b-day :] But no. That's too long <.<
  16. Z


    I know this article is pretty old..but I honestly just stumbled upon it today. And it's just IGN talking about what they would like to see in KH3 and I agree with a lot of what they're saying and they make good points. what do you guys think? And please don't bash saying it's old >.> that"s...
  17. Z

    BBS did better than Mario games (in BbS's opening weekend)

    Mario Sunshine was a piece of shit. I dunno..I still like Mario games, I enjoyed the new super mario wii game. I will have to agree that mario > Kh.. I still have super mario world on the SNES for God sake...
  18. Z

    Birth by Sleep at 623K by 2nd Week

    Yea that's true. Well go BBS. wooters.
  19. Z

    NA release date?

    lol. We already assume KH3 wont come out till like 2014 >_>
  20. Z

    Dexter anybody?

    I recently just got into Dexter and it's AMAZING. omg. Like I always would hear about it but I never really paid attention to it, I was really into Weeds at the time anyway (another good show until it got shot to hell) ^^ Does anyone else watch Dexter on showtime?