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    Who is the real keyblade master?

    There are to many keyblade masters sora,riku,bhk,mickey,blindfolded riku
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    What happen to fake Riku in COM?

    He was killed by riku after sora went into the flower thing.
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    What keyblade combo would you chose

    I would chose the oblivion and oathkeeper.
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    What Keyblade combination would you chose?

    I would chose the oblivion and oathkeeper or oblivion and souleater.
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    What's your favorite Keyblade?

    Re: wats ur fav keyblade? Myn is oblivion,ultima,and oathkeeper.
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    Deep Dive: Another Keyblade?

    I cant see the sig and i havent seen that which pic is it.
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    The first Kingdom Hearts Commercial

    Re: DO U REMEMBER THE KH1 commercial? I dont remember it i thought it was one of those games that didnt have a commercial and still became popular.
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    Namine is the dual Keyblade wielder in Deep Dive!

    Re: Namine is the duel key blade welder in deep dive!!! I dont think she is a duelweilder i havent seen any pics with her as a duelweilder.
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    please help

    um which battle with him 1st 2nd.all you need is high lvl cards to attack with.
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    Captain Hook troubles

    I just kept attacking him and when he used the present bombs i just ran to the top of the ship so he didnt hit me.
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    help with vexen II

    he was hard for me but i just kept dodge rolling behind him and attacked.
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    Card Stuff

    thats how many of the cards you have of that type.
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    I need help with the 100 Acre Wood!

    I just kept calling pooh untill i reached the end of the lvl.
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    Tip: how to get better cards!

    this isnt the right section to post this you should post it in the regular com section not help needed section.
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    grrr cant find a value 1 map card..help?

    dont stop battling untill you get the card you need.its great for lvling up to.
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    Help on Ansem

    Get into dark mode as fast as possible then use overdrive and keep attacking him in dark mode so you can do alot of damage after overdrive is gone use jafar and keep attacking him.(use the enemy cards in dark mode so you can do the most damage)you can use oogie boogie at anytime.When he uses the...
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    Mushroom Cards

    I think you have to kill all but one then use a sleight on the final monster then you might get the enemy card it works for me sometimes even if i dont what the card.
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    Help against Riku

    you should have a pretty high lvl tinker bell so you can heal yourself easier because cures dont always cut it.But dont use sleights alot and have alot of attack cards in your deck so if you use sleights you will still have alot of cards in your deck still.You should use parasite cage on his...
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    Marluxia help

    The first time was hard but i got a lvl 9 tinker bell from a moogle shop pack then it helped with healing myself and it pays off to have high lvl attack cards.
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    The first one was alittle hard then i got higher cards like lvl 9 tinker bell.The second time you had to vs him was easy but annoying because it took so long.