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    Help dealing with the Mushrooms

    well I'm at the Rest stop at the final world before the final bosses and right now im farming for mystery goos, and somehow I cannot seem to find a good way of dealing with all 3 types of mushrooms (using the soft-reset trick) Is there anyway possible to deal with this in an easier way...
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    First playthrough of KH

    OK, im on my first playthrough of KH, and im currently at Halloween Town and at level 36 is that an ok-ish level or am I under leveled. I don't know since most here always seem to power level thought I'd ask for some help
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    FFVI is coming to the DS!

    ]I have just just some crazy info that SE is gonna release a totally remade and updated version of the classic Final Fantasy VI to help celebrate SE's 20th anniversary here are some scans courtesy of the magic box http://img120.imageshack.us/img120/598/ff41on5.jpg...
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    New Ghost Rider Trailer!

    There's a new Ghost Rider trailer out with some new footage to boot check it out here http://movies.aol.com/movie-trailer-clip/ghost-rider-nicolas-cage?ncid=AOLMOV00050000000009 tralier requires Quicktime i think
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    Brokeback Mountain star to be the next Joker

    That's right peeps one of the Brokeback Mountain cowboys is set to become the Joker in the forthcoming Batman Begins sequel and I'm not making any jokes here you can go here and find out which star it is that is gonna play the "Clown Prince of Crime" and be prepared to well... kinda of shocked...
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    stop+gravity cards? pleeease help

    Gravity is actually found in Agrabah, and Stop in wonderland if you want to get these cards use a Calm Bounty card if you have it
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    Help with end of Sora CoM (BLUE 1 CARD)

    try Olympus or Agrabah
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    Help with end of Sora CoM (BLUE 1 CARD)

    i agree if you want to get low-level map card to open doors, best place to go is Traverse Town
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    Maleficent Dragon

    it is possible to beat that Dragon on that level as I did it with sheer luck and a not so bad deck, but of course leveling up is good and adding 8's and 9's and the all mighty powerful 0 cards plus adding 1 or 2 Cloud cards and as always cure cards would help. ANyways, there's a guide on this...
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    fav sleights

    I also hardly ever used sleights when I played the game but when I did I usually used Sonic Blade and Strike Raid but save only for the bosses except Marluxia
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    Xaldin = New organization member.

    first of all the guy is said to appear somewhere in Mulan's world, and correct me if i am wrong Belle doesn't come anywhere Near Ancient China
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    World Cards

    ok, lemme break it down for you. Just go back to the worlds you beaten so far in the game. fight heartless, rinse and repeat. Then hopefully you'll get enough cards to to unlock doors. Simple enough for you?
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    Captian Hook

    if you like using sleights use Sonic Blades and one Ars Arcanium only if you can get it off with it being broken, if you do it'll connect for a crapload of hp damage on Hook, that's what I used when I played it
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    World Cards

    world cards are given to you in the story after you have cleared the first 5, and the second 5, then you are given world cards separately for Twilight Town and Castle Oblivion (but you knew that). To get number cards however, all you have to do is go back and revisit the worlds you beaten and...
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    Return of the AnTi-SoRa

    OMG, I thought my account here was disabled due to inactivity but i was wrong and I do see a lot of new members and changes too now and a lot of good friends and acquaintances as well. Anyway im here to say I am back and what's up
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    KH2 might not come until 2006?

    Re: It Can't Be!!!!!!!!!!! whenever it comes out it comes out. Anyway, once it does it'll be plastered on these forums and a crapload of other KH fansites/forums. God....some people have no patience
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    Key to Rewards

    usually your best bet to get a KtR card is any world from Atlantica on, but in people's playing experiences they usually find the best spot for these gold cards are Destiny Islands
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    Mushroom Cards

    well to get a black mushroom card you have to kill all except one, and then kill the one you left out, then if you're lucky you'll get a black mushroom card for white mushroom, you have follow some specific thing, which I honestly never tried doing so I dunno
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    I think that diz is the heart and body that Ansem cast aside for his pursuit of darkness, but that's just my opinion. Anyway you could always check other diz theory related topics in this forum or read up on the Ansem Reports from other sites
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    Help against Riku

    what else would you like to know?