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    Fanfiction ► Paranormal Investigations Division [NYPID 66-6]

    First to comment! I like it, along with all the other fan-fics you've written Zets, however this is one of the first times I've commented. The start got me hooked instantly and makes you curious about the situation at hand. And the introduction of the characters was pretty good too. I wish this...
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    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy Omega

    Keep it up bro. Despite that I haven't read all of them, I think it's a great story from what I've read. And one last thing is about what Zets said further up. FFVIII didn't have much of a direction at the start. It took a while before the major plot of the game had unfolded, which I liked in my...
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    The Pendragon Adventure

    Anyone in the forum read or heard of the Pendragon series by D.J. Machale? If not, you should. It's probably my favourite book series of all time, with Dragonlance very close behind. Just to sum it up quickly and with without giving away too much, it's about a child named Bobby Pendragon, who...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Insider ~ A Comedy Fanfic

    Hehe...I just read it now and it was great. Like most people have said far, but I have to agree with as well, I like the way you have done the n00bs as heartless. Hmm, mods as the XIII Order was sort of predictable, but still good to mention. So far, so good.
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    Fanfiction ► Deeper into Darkness

    I like this story already. You've written this well Zets, and I give you credit for that. I like the twist you put in the last bit of the second chapter. I'll keep readin this, if you keep posting more chapters.
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    Fanfiction ► Joining the Org~A Zetsumi/Mitsukai production

    Hmm, I guess you could. Actually, yes do that because things could be more interesting that way.
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    Agreed. For all we know, we might get it a few weeks after America does. I just hope that the anti-spoiler thing applies after this though, so no-one spoils it for Europians and Australians on this site, who don't want to know about the game yet.
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    I think Australia will get it first, no offence to you Europens. We got KH and KH Com at the same time America did, so I'm expecting KLh2 to come out about the same time in Australia.
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    Fanfiction ► Joining the Org~A Zetsumi/Mitsukai production

    Give us a list of who's in it now Zetsumi (the org members).
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    The Bane Insurection (retry)

    Since I haven’t done this in a while, I might as well start again with an old rp which needed to be done again. So much to do, so little time... Take your time, don't be afraid... The soul is still safe. Now step forward. Can you do that? The child stepped forward. Power sleeps within you...
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    North America's Release date for KH2

    http://www.khinsider.com/news2/headlines/134454464.shtml According to this, it will be released in March, what a bummer.
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    Yeah I guess. I quiet annoyed that people think it is him. Like you said, the details are verry minor.
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    Maybe it is, but will just have wait and find out our selfs. I hope you know I was referring to the Zexion-look-alike guy about the white hair.
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    That was well said einon_san. I still think though the Vexen isn't in it. Like I said before, the guy in the clips hair is white.
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    The hair doesn't look the same, the colour of the hair is White (I know the TV on the clip was sort stuffed), His face doesn't look the same and body isn't same as well.
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    It doesn't look like Zexion though. It can be anyone.
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    These Real Translations?

    Yes, well said by TMM and you Keybade man29. I think it is also some person who wants Zexion back into KH2 so much.
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    These Real Translations?

    No problem. It just doesn't seem right as how it was put out.
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    These Real Translations?

    No, your not alone. I think there not real.