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    What happened to Roxas?

    i'm confused about what happened to Roxas. the last time you here from him before the world that never was is when he says his summer vacation is over, but what happens to him between then and the world that never was?
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    Use of Alcohol?

    oh yeah, thats were the blood is too, thnx
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    Use of Alcohol?

    i didn't see that anywhere in kh2, can someone tell me when it is?
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    Mickey Vs. Sephiroth?

    KH-Vids has a video of mickey fighting against sephiroth, with donald and goofy, and for some reason everyone was invincible. how do you get that?
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    What Is ur Favorite Level Right Now On KH2

    i like twilight town because u get to skateboard everywhere
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    Secret Ending

    how do you get it? do you have to get all of jimminy's journal? cause it would suck if you did.
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    one time i was trying to go into wisdom form and went into anti-form instead and it killed me, i hate it!
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    Sanctuary Lyrics

    thanks a bunch, howd you figure that out?
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    Sanctuary Lyrics

    thanks, i'll edit that now
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    Sanctuary Lyrics

    i need help perfecting my Sanctuary lyrics, i haven't seen them anywhere so i decided to do them myself, tell me anything i got wrong (i need more affection than you know) In you and I there’s a new land, angels in flight, (i need more affection than you know) a sanctuary my sanctuary now...
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    Have you beaten KH2 yet?

    lol, yeah, but seriously, its not that hard to beat the final battles, i never even been in final form and the drives I do have suck cause i barely even use them.
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    Have you beaten KH2 yet?

    just wondering how many people have beat kh2, I just beat it like, an hour ago.
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    Why Pocahontas Can't be in KH2

    i never said it was historically acurate, i said it was based on historical events. and sorry i forgot about port royal being in the carribean, the english accents threw me off.
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    Why Pocahontas Can't be in KH2

    Reason #1: Because it happens in america. The game is originally japanese, so putting an american world in it wouldn't make sense. Reason #2: Because it is based on actual historical events. I know port royal takes place in england and everything but pocahontas is just different.
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    New world IDEA! not confirmed world

    i think it would awesome if they put a Narnia world in kh2, that would be really cool, but highly unlikely, because its coming out so late.
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    Tron confirmed

    i have a feeling TRON is going to be the Deep Jungle of kh2, but oh well, Deep Jungle wasn't that bad.
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    New News.....

    i didn't miss auron, he was the first one.
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    stupid theory on the Engentic Man

    wrong, watch clone wars, not attack of the clones, clone wars, the animated mini series. that sith lady hunter thing has two lightsabers. and, in attack of the clones, anakin uses two lightsabers against dooku, and darth mauls two sided lightsaber, so yes, jedi/sith do use two lightsabers.
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    New News.....

    auron, leon, aeris, rajin, fujin, and that other jin guy, yuffie, cid, am i missing anyone?
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    I think being in a computer would be cool, and it most likely will be in KH2 remember how leon said something like,"pull up the data sora," maybe thats when they go into the TRON world.