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    100,000 will be given away too.....

    I will give away 100,000 gil to the person who make me a SIG and Avatar. The Size and all the other things like that are left up to the creator.So do ya thang and make sure it very creative and who knows you might win. Or you could make me a Woody the wood Pecker Sig and avatar. But it must be...
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    I want to join a clan

    Hey it me Steve-o and I want to be in a clan. It not for pay or anything like that. I just want to belong to a clan. I am Currently in the top TEN. Very strong. Also I am at level 19 at the moment but I will be at level 23 or 22 by the end of MON. So if anyone has some open spots let me know. Holla
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    1k for a Ring

    I will pay 1k for a ring. I really need a ring. PM me or post if you are willing to sell. Holla back
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    NBA Streets V3

    Nba Streets V3 is comming out soon. So far all I have say is that you can play with Real character and you can Play with Mario and Lugi.. So do you think this is going to add to the hot Series or NBA Streets games. Good game or Bad game.
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    Your Favorite ► Favorite Cereal

    Yaya its ya boy Steve-o I am chillin and wanted to know what ya fav cereal is. Mines is Fruiti Pebbles. Holla