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  1. K

    Twilight Train

    The whole travel by train idea is great. Traveling by some sort of flying ship or anything related to one is played out.
  2. K

    keyblade master and heartless theory

    ;) Yes, I agree. It is kind of "out there". Though I do believe that's a tad to deep of a story. Well what the , good imagination.
  3. K

    Manga(is this a wrong place to put this?)

    :confused: Ten dollars isn't alot. Probably even when your on a budget. Also considering how much more enjoyment you get reading manga, when your not infront of a computer screen.
  4. K

    If you were trapped on Destiny Islands what would you do?

    I would probably just hang out with Riku. Reasons I can't really explain other that he reminds me of myself sometimes. As for the others, I could care less. Sora is by far annoying, Kairi is ok, Tidus/Wakka are very lame and Selphie is to much of "omg11!!11".
  5. K

    KH2 joke 2

    :mad: I can't watch it. Windows Media files never work for me. So could someone tell me what happened?