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    well...., another theory....

    Never thought of it that way. I always thought "birth by sleep" meant something was born when Sora was sleeping. And the "memory of xehanort", I thought he lost his memory, I never thought someone would forget him. Good theory though.
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    Kingdom Hearts II: Secret Ending Speculation

    How can keyblades have no keychain? Keychains harness the power of the keyblade, so maybe the keyblades don't have any power because it doesn't have a keychain. BTW why would people make fake keyblades? There's just no point trying to fool people into thinking the weilder was a real keyblade...
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    Of course no one could possibly guess who the knights are. I think they're the chasers. But that's my opinion anyway. But don't get your hopes up on Riku, Sora or Roxas being the knights, Nomura said 3/4 knights are new characters. Two of the knights are female as you can see in the video, two...
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    Not Spoilers In Title

    Re: Not Kairi's Keyblade Kairi has a keyblade, Riku gave her one to fight off the heartless remember?