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    Something about Nobodies i never really understood.

    Okay so Yen-sid said that when one of strong will loses their heart their empty shell of a body turns into a nobody. But both kairi and sora retained their bodies but Namine and Roxas were created. So is it possible That all of the orginzation were created this way? If no ( or even if so) where...
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    Ven Name speculations?

    It pretty much about an 83% chance of it being Ventus. For WInd, Water, and Air. But then again Who knows with square :P
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    Ven Name speculations?

    Wouldn`t it be funny if it was something completely unrelated to Ven lol. Alpha Ventory Ventris Venix VenxCore XP
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    Something about heartless i never really understood.

    Okay so there are the artificial heartless which bear the cross-heart emblem, Did Xehanort make them in a machine? And the only real heartless i know of are the shadows, neo-shadows and Darkside. Are there anymore? And does everyone turn into these when they hve their heart stolen? And if so...
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    Ven Name speculations?

    Didn`t know if there was a thread about this. I think(as many do) its "Ventus" Which is the whole Latin word for Wind.
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    Begining of Kh2

    In the begining of Kh2 xemnas says " Ive been to see him, He looks alot like you." Maybe he was talking to ven about roxas or to roxas about ven, Cause there is no guarantee He was talking about sora.
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    Hmm, Hello.

    Im neither a noob nor a newb. I joined early last year and forgot about it. So i guess i`m just going to list facts about myself. # I like People who use good grammar. # I like Kingdomhearts obviously # I liek Metal, Rock, Emotive, Screamo, And all of the types of core music you can think of...