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    do the keychains that sora get from other worlds form into a whole new keyblade or does sora put the keychains on the kingdom key and then kingdom key transforms
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    the new rpg game

    i saw on the front page that we can play a online game based on kh...but how do i start playing...i clicked the link on the front page that said if ur a member start playing but it just brings me to make a profile????
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    Sora & Hollow Baston

    when Sora goes to Hollow Baston for the first time in kh1 why does he say he felt like he's been there before?
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    Riku And The Keyblade

    know that Riku doesnt have any darkness in him (and we know he doesnt have any darkness in him because at the end of kh2 he trys to make a portal to go home and it doesnt work and Mickey says to him his heart doesnt belong to darkness anymore) can he take the kingdom keyblade away form Sora if...
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    the other ending of kingdom hearts 2

    it would be kool if soras dad was a keyblade master from the past and u got to play as him in kh3.......but he would be kind of old
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    American Secret Ending

    this secret ending is so much harder to get.....kh1 was so much easyer
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    Kingdom Hearts Questions

    ok so i have some questions about kingdom hearts...Frist: we all no that sora closed the door...but y were heartless in there i thought i was the door to light or something like that....2nd: if sora closed the door y r the heartless back...3rd: if the door is closed what r the Org trying to do...
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    Which Side Are They On????

    after the 1000 heartless battle the Org 13 member comes and tells sora to keep killing the heartless...why??...i thought the heartless and the nobodys were on there side....and what happen to the heart once sora kills the heartless cause i no they said something about that.....im soooo...
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    Riku's Harm

    well i was playing kh2 on my friends file he showed me that riku doesnt move his left arm when he fights and when he runs without his weapon....also there is something that is on his arm that looks like a cast but i really dont think it is...so i would like to no if something is wrong with his...
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    i think donald is alot better......when im about to die i wait of donald to cure me so i dont have to use my items
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    How Do You Max Out Your Drive

    how do u max out ur drive cause i use it but it never goes up...im still on 3
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    Soras Sleep

    so my friend and i were playing kh2 the other day and we got to the part when sora wakes up from his sleep......but neither of us played chain of memories but i read about it and i no little but i dont no y and how sora lost his memories...so if someone can tell me y and how sora lost his...
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    The intro

    y dont u just wait to see it....its not like u have to wait a long time
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    why start with kingdom key?

    yes i also think they should keep the keyblades from kh1
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    rikus keyblade question

    i new about that its old and i think alot of ppl now about it
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    I noticed something...

    i dont see anything wrong with that but now that i read that im wondering y the Organization members arent looking for the 7 princesses
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    KH2 cover

    they should have riku on the cover thats not fair
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    heartless war (spoiler) maybe

    if u ever watched the clip on youtube the battle is so easy...i was so happy about it and i told all my friends and now after seeing the person beat it in 3 mins on the clip......well :(
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    What Games Will Be Keeping You Busy Until KH2 Comes Out?

    ill be playin Naurto Clash Of Ninja (which i already beat cause its so easy) but i really want to play God Of War